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Kalium Chloride
19th Sep 2000, 18:47
Tried this on Tech Log, but no joy.

What's the stall speed of a 41,000kg 737-200 (flaps 40, gear down) banked at 45 degrees, pitched up 20 degrees?

19th Sep 2000, 19:53
It varies on factors such as height, OAT and power but I wouldn't want to be in the configuration you give. I can't imagine why you would want 40 flap and gear down and then go for 45 degrees bank angle!

19th Sep 2000, 20:50
Sounds suspiciously like the configuration of the 737 that came down in India earlier this year. With that kind of bank angle, etc, I'm not surprised.

20th Sep 2000, 01:32
B737-200 stall speed Flap 40, gear down, wings level...93kts, stick shaker 103kts, initial buffet 100kts.
All with wings level. Pitch angle will not effect the speeds, unless the pitch up increased the load factor.
To calculate the speed at 45 AoB, consult any good aerodynamics book for the formula.

20th Sep 2000, 08:35
Load Factor (LF) =
Lift Generated / Weight
1 / Cos. angle bank

Stall speed (Vs) =

Straight & level Vs x (SQRT LF)

therefore if S&L Vs = 93kts then 45AOB = 110.6 kts

22nd Sep 2000, 10:27
Pitch angle does effect the stall speed.

An aircraft with a (steady) pitch angle of 90 has a stall speed of zero, as the wings aren't providing lift.

The question is impossible to answer, as the stall speed varies with the load factor (the positive g load) and an instantanious picture of the aircraft can't tell you that.

If the aircraft was in a steady 20 pitch up climb, 45 AoB turn, then you could find an answer, however I doubt if that is the case here!

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