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14th Jun 2003, 00:54
Many references to this button. As far as I can put together, this one button will now execute a number of actions that used to be done by both pilots and (previously) FE?

Such as advancing power, reducing flaps and adjusting sundry flying surfaces for the change from "We are going to land" to "Oh no we ain't!"

Is there some large red nuclear button on the central console and how do the actions it executes, vary between types?

Thanks for answering yet another pax-nerd question.

Dan Winterland
16th Jun 2003, 17:18
TOGA buttons have lots of different functions. Some are type dependent, some have different functions dependent on the specifications of the airline who ordered the aircraft. For example, the TOGA buttons on my company's fleet re-schedule the pitch bars on the flight director and may power up to go around power epending on how you set up the approach and depending on who ordered the aircraft in the first place. you do have to do a lot of manual switching after that.

On the 747-400, the TOGA button is pressed on the take off roll once the engines are stable to schedule take off thrust. Of you want max take off thrust you press it again and the utothrottles will power up the engines. On the approach when pressed once the flight director gives you pitch for a 2000 fpm climb and power to match. A second push gives you GA power.

They also give you commands to fly RW heading or track (depending where you are) but you have to re-arm the VNAV to fly the missed approach procedure stored in the route.

Of course, if the approach is flown on the autopilot, the autoplilot follows the flight director. But the flaps are up to you.