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13th Jun 2003, 08:33
From BBC website

Explosives found on Italian plane
Police have detonated an explosive device found on board an Italian airliner about to make an internal flight to Rome.
The device was discovered on Thursday under a seat on an Alitalia plane that had arrived in the eastern city of Ancona from Florence.

The aircraft had been scheduled to fly back to Rome later on.

"There was an anonymous call that the police received. After that, all alarms went off," a fire department official at Ancona's Falconara Airport said.

Cigarette packet

There were no further details on the type or amount of explosives, which were removed by the police and then destroyed in a controlled explosion.

No arrests have been made, the fire service official added.

Police said the explosive device appeared to be a cigarette packet with electrical wires sticking out.

The packet was found attached by adhesive tape to a life vest under a seat.
It produced a heavy blast when it was detonated in a remote part of the airport.

Last December, a similar incident occurred at Ancona's airport when a holdall bag containing a parcel bomb hidden among personal luggage was left at a check-in counter.

The bomb contained about 30 grams of conventional dynamite.

Police said at the time they suspected a Brazilian passenger had left the bag.

His name and description were circulated via Interpol, but so far, the man has not yet been traced.