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Donkey Duke
20th Jan 2002, 22:59
Delta Airlines recently announced that they will be giving the mechanics (10,000 of them) a 16% raise---which they DO deserve---in March. That would normally be a good thing if they weren't still using Force Mejeur to go against the pilot contract and to continue to furlough pilots. I thought a company would use Force Mejeur when they were in "Dire Straits" and they needed to trim employees to just survive. The pilots have a No Furlough Clause that states that regardless of the economy or unprofitablity of the company---NO FURLOUGHS. Supposedly, someone "high up" in the White House called Delta and asked "What are you doing?!!" Delta is still receiving "much needed" FREE money from the US Government ( I believe close to $500 million so far)---and now they are using it to give out raises. Could it be that Delta is trying to use the sad events of 9-11 to reshape their airline while going around actual signed contracts? Hmmmm. Maybe Delta isn't actually doing as bad as they say? Hmmm.
Delta and it's pilots are having an arbitration hearing in early Feb to resolve the Furlough matter. I believe that Force Mejeur should end when an airline gives substantial raises to one large employee group while still furloughing another. Am I right? Was Leo Mullin right when he said, "A contract is a contract"? The GUV
might disagree. He still wants droids to fly his L1011's around.

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21st Jan 2002, 04:56
Pay raises, which had previously been deferred for the mechanics, would put pressure on UAL during their PEB negotiation with their mechanics and related. It also puts pressure on USAir, which has a parity+1% contract. Finally, it may help to slow the unionization drive going on in the DAL mechanics ranks.

Donkey Duke
21st Jan 2002, 06:15

I can understand that it puts pressure on the other airlines and their unions. That was not the point I was making. I was talking about Force Mejeur. Should an airline continue to try to use it when it is giving out raises? I absolutely believe the mechanics deserve the raise. But, should the airline be able to continue to furlough pilots under Force Mejeur when giving raises and getting free money from the Government?. .It seems like the airline is financially stable. .if it is able to raise salaries, and should not. .be permitted to go against the signed contract that stated No Furloughs. But I guess that is just a part of "big business."

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Ignition Override
21st Jan 2002, 10:11
This is only speculation, but maybe Delta fears another union on the property as much as FEDEX's Fred Smith and Gang?

Is it possible that Delta will add to its labor costs as much as necessary in order to prevent a successful union vote?

21st Jan 2002, 17:28
Donkey Duke, I can sympathize, as we are still being "Force Mejeur'ed". Has this practice been determined to be a major or a minor dispute under the RLA? I'm hoping it can be called a major dispute, as the arbitration process has been stringing us along.

Ever notice how our industry has a "herd" instinct to it?

21st Jan 2002, 19:40
Even though Donkey Duke can be kind of a Jacka$$, I agree with him.

What kind of signal does this send to the US government? I don't care about the strategic ramifications - it sends the signal that things are NOT as bad as Delta's management would like them to seem... If Delta were indeed in "dire" straits, no raises would be granted to anyone...

Using Force Mejeur is a cop-out and everyone knows it... But would you expect anything different from management? They want to prolong and maximize earnings (or reduce losses) as long as possible...

Would you ever see this antagonistic attitude at Southwest? Nope. Thanks Donkey Duke for your insightful posting - you JACKA$$!

Peace Out

Donkey Duke
21st Jan 2002, 20:41
Ignition Override,

Yes, I believe Delta would spend a lot of money to keep other unions off the property. Spending money now could reduce the amount of money they would spend drawing up contracts with unions in the future. But, what I want to know is how long can Force Mejeur last? Can it last 10 years? Who knows? A contract is a contract, right? When can the Delta pilots go back to their. .contract?

. .Redtail,

I know you guys at NW are going through the same thing. I believe the Delta arbitration is on the Fast Track----and I know the hearing is set. .on Feb 5th, 7th, and ending on the 9th. If it were up to Delta, they would probably continue furloughing until they "right sized" the airline to their thinking, avoiding the contract they signed last year. The Delta Connection carriers are quickly gobbling up mainline routes, just like Mesaba and Express 1 for you.

. .Lavdumper,

Thanks for your su-wheat comments. I especially liked that you enjoy calling me a jacka$$.

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Donkey Duke
22nd Jan 2002, 02:29
That Lavdumper---he's a real funny guy.

24th Jan 2002, 11:06

I read your post in the forum about UAL and I am confused. You think Delta giving a raise means they are not financially challenged. Is it all a "bluf" by the management guru's at the big D? It may all be ball bearings these days and I belive you have some loose.

Just a farm boys opinion!