View Full Version : BA 155 - LHR - CAI 7th June (problemo technico)

9th Jun 2003, 03:01
Flying as a pax on this flight - got to around Orleans when Captain informed of flight control surface problems, necessitating 20 minute fuel jettison and return to London.

Anyone out there with any further info? Just curious to chase up this particular fault.

Airline placed us on replacement a/c, all handled very smartly and professionally.

cheers from Cairo.

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9th Jun 2003, 07:08
Was he really THAT specific....suprising!

9th Jun 2003, 15:43

We were told there was a rudder problem, nothing major, it was just unable to be fixed at Cairo.


10th Jun 2003, 23:07
Thanks Gonzo.

We were specifically informed of flight control surface problems, yes; pax were not in the least bothered, fuel jettison was watched enthusiastically (!) by all, drinks continued flowing, arrived CAI safe and sound, if a little fatigued at around 0300l. :cool: