View Full Version : Debonair the final act !

A and C
7th Jun 2003, 19:44
I just got a Cheque from the insolvency services so I guess that is the final act for Debonair.

A sad end to an airline that very much enjoyed working for.

7th Jun 2003, 21:00
Is it big enough to buy you another Harley A+C!:ok:

8th Jun 2003, 01:16
Am still waiting for my final money from Debonair! Was a great airline to work for!

Just hope if I am ever in that situation again, the company wont use Deliotte & Toche ( or as I call them Thick & Useless!)


lord melchett
8th Jun 2003, 02:14
At least you got a (fat?) cheque A & C. Thats more than I got!

Beers on you then!

8th Jun 2003, 08:07
A & C - I'd love to know where you were in the pecking order, Debonair's failure left many of their suppliers high and dry.
A catering outfit in which I had a minority interest in was owed literally 1000s by Debonair, and will never see a penny of it, (that's official - not my speculation).

The company concerned was started by a young couple who put their house on the line, and lost it because of Debonair's questionable financial management and general incompetence.
Once they had obtained the contract with Debonair, they turned down work from elsewhere because Debonair were taking more and bigger orders, the trouble was, Debonair weren't paying the bills on time - if at all, when the crunch came, it was too late.

I'm sure that the same story applies to many other of the fly by night companies that come and go, as Flymeboy says, " a great company to work for " :rolleyes:

A and C
8th Jun 2003, 19:31
Guys the Cheque was a very thin one and as for buying a a new Harley.............I wish ! , it will just about pay for a new tyre for the Triumph with enough change for a half of bitter for Lord Melchett.