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The Sandman
6th Jun 2003, 14:21
For any of you out there that have an interest in the developing status of Chicago convention traffic rights between US & EU and, maybe more significantly, intra EU, see step 2 below in the developing story:

Traffic rights story (http://edition.cnn.com/2003/BUSINESS/06/05/open.skies/index.html)

FT's story (http://news.ft.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=FT.com/StoryFT/FullStory&c=StoryFT&cid=1054416456112)

6th Jun 2003, 15:09
The EU press release (http://europa.eu.int/rapid/start/cgi/guesten.ksh?p_action.gettxt=gt&doc=IP/03/806|0|RAPID&lg=EN&display=) .

And some background stuff (http://europa.eu.int/rapid/start/cgi/guesten.ksh?p_action.gettxt=gt&doc=MEMO/03/124|0|RAPID&lg=EN&display=) .

Now, let's see if Loyola can deliver.....

7th Jun 2003, 14:21
Interestingly, Aer Lingus's Willie Walsh was talking about introducing two new routes this Winter to the US and two more next year, if there was any change to the regulations within the next 6-8 WEEKS!

The whole transatlantic access issue is pretty fraught (and hotly fought over) because of the SNN stopover and Walsh has indicated (as deftly as he can) that there'll be no new routes with the stopover still in place. Current regulations mean that EI has to operate one flight from SNN for every one operated direct from DUB.

There is supposed to be a meeting in Washington on the 25th June to begin the first round of negotiations, so we'll see what emerges from that. While there are very difficult issues, such as cabotage (which will never get through) and LHR access, there are other, less complicated issues, which might hopefully be sorted out quickly.