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5th Jun 2003, 15:25
Hey Guys,

Just in:

THERE has been another attempt to hijack a passenger jet at Melbourne airport.
Channel 7 says a man is in custody after making threats against the Brisbane-bound Virgin Blue aircraft, reported as being flight number DJ 323.

The man was reportedly arrested on board the plane while it was taxiing along the runway at Melbourne's Tullamarine airport.

The man allegedly began making verbal threats and the pilot immediately returned the aircraft to the terminal.

The crew on board the Melbourne-to-Brisbane flight contacted security after the incident, which happened while the plane was still on the tarmac, an Australian Federal Police (AFP) spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman said no weapon was involved in the incident.

"A passenger has made (a) verbal threat which has caused concern among crew," she said.

Security services were waiting by the time the aircraft arrived.

Earlier reports had the man armed with a surgical instrument.

Police are now searching the plane on the tarmac at Melbourne Airport.

From news.com.au

Ironically, this is exactly one week since the Qantas Flight 1737 saga at Melbourne. :confused:



5th Jun 2003, 16:32
******, there was no attempted hijacking, rather some idiot made verbal threats to the crew or other passengers
So far no arms or weapons found other than just another simple minded idiot who now probably regrets his stupid comments.
At least now he will have a few years of quiet meditation at government expense, to reflect upon his stupidity.

5th Jun 2003, 16:40
As for the weapon involved, it has been reported that the attacker had syringes hidden in his jacket - don't know about you, but I'd classify that as a weapon.

He also loudly remarked whilst the plane was taxiing: "I doubt this plane will ever make it to Brisbane..."

My money says he certainly wasn't on their to administer flu shots to the pax - sounds more like an attempted hijacking to me.



5th Jun 2003, 19:08
A diabetic idiot, perhaps ?

5th Jun 2003, 23:11
No, probably just an idiot.

Windle Poons
6th Jun 2003, 01:13
The 'hijacker' was right in one respect
I doubt this plane will ever make it to Brisbane.

6th Jun 2003, 01:38
"...The man was reportedly arrested on board the plane while it was taxiing along the runway at Melbourne's Tullamarine airport."

Just journo semantics? Or was there actually a policeman aboard making the arrest in the aisle during the taxi on the RUNWAY?

8th Jun 2003, 11:28
Like I said Soulman,

Too many drama queens in this world making mountains out of bullshit!

8th Jun 2003, 18:42
On a lighter note to the virgin incident. Whilst underloading and screening bags from this flight, bomb snifer dogs actually identified a suspect bag to its handler. The suspect bag was then screen which revealed no explosives. The officers then opened the bag to reveal a big roll of salami the dog had identified!!