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2nd Jun 2003, 05:19
Hey Guys and Girls,

A question to you all if I may.

I am a little curious why sometimes on EGLL Fin Director (120.4), I am asked by pilots "what type is that ahead?" (only really has been by 737, A319/20/21 or BA146/RJ jets). It isn't so much from the British operators, but there have been a few occasions.

I can understand if the pilot is behind and asking because they are picking up Wake Vortex (especially on final approach), or are following in trail, but I have had numerous occasions where I have been asked by jets on closing headings that aren't passing though the same bit of airspace asking.

Is it maybe an A321 looks a little like 757 or something like that, and the associated concerns? I would really appreciate some thoughts on this.

Thanks to you all in advance,


2nd Jun 2003, 13:01
Could it also be the landing distance roll-out and exiting the runway. Heavy takes longer on the runway to slow down and could possibly exit further down whilst a little jet may not need to worry about the last exits as it would possibly use the mid exits.??? If we ask about the aircraft in front, it's usually due to the wake turbulance for us.

2nd Jun 2003, 14:51
Had quite a bad encounter with wake turbulence close to the ground 25 L at BRU, from a 767,since then if tucked in close or we are catching something up if i cant see it i will ask.