View Full Version : 737-300 wing icing

25th May 2003, 06:24
ladies and gentlemen

do any of you 733 operators have any laid down procedures regarding tanking fuel and/or fuel induced wing ice ? i was taught that landing with more than 6 tonnes(3 per side) and a temperature of 15 or less were the numbers to look out for. i always have these figures in mind but also consider sector time (cold soaking) and presence of rain/clouds at destination.


25th May 2003, 07:49
I've seen a Ryan 738 deicing after refuelling, around 12 noon, CAVOK, a few months ago!

25th May 2003, 16:59
On the MD80 it's a real danger (remember the SAS crash), but on the 737 it's different.
How much importance do 738 operators give to this problem?
Just curious to know:D