View Full Version : B747 / B777 Course Selector -- where?

22nd May 2003, 01:38
Hi all,

I see the autopilot mode control panels of the 747 and 777 do not include VOR/LOC course selector dials or a VOR/LOC button as on the 737.

Could someone enlighten me as to where these controls are located on the 747 and 777?


22nd May 2003, 06:26
Press the button for the radio aids on the FMGC and when you manually enter a VOR, you have the option to enter a radial.


Captain Airclues
22nd May 2003, 07:40

The 747-400 has a LOC button on the glareshield control panel, just to the left of the three Autopilot Engage Command Switches. Pushing this button will programme the flight director to intercept and follow an ILS Localiser. If one of the autopilots is engaged then the autopilot will intercept and follow the localiser, so long as the intercept track angle is within 120 degrees of the localiser course.
The 747-400 does not have a facility to fly a VOR radial using the autopliot or flight director. A VOR can be tuned on the NAV/RAD page of the FMC CDU at 1L or 1R. A course can then be selected at 2L or 2R. VOR course raw data information can then be displayed on the NAV Display by selecting VOR on the ND Mode Selector on the glareshield control panel. Pressing the heading Select Switch on the glareshield panel puts the flight director and autopilot, if engaged, into HDG SEL Mode, and the aircraft can be tracked along the radial by manually ajusting the heading.
I believe that the 777 is similar.


22nd May 2003, 23:13
Thanks for the answers everyone. The step-by-step procedure from Airclues is just what I was looking for! ;)