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tarjet fixated
21st May 2003, 10:04
Hi guys,
any of you has any info on where and how to get study material for a captain upgrade course?
any help greatly appreciated.

21st May 2003, 22:07
Watch , learn and be critical ,in a positive sense , of course.
Failing that you could correspond with the school of hard knocks or take the post graduate route through the university of life making sure to include the `Bull****` module. Other than that all you need is a bit of luck.
Flipant ? moi?

22nd May 2003, 09:44
tf, pending any other input here, I am not aware of any such material apart from, perhaps, a few admin and financial instructions relating to the rank in specific companies. Assuming you are a suitably qualified FO, (as opposed to someone about to set-up a new command course!) you already have the same licence as your colleague in the left seat and you take the same periodic proficiency tests and courses. According to your time on type, your technical and regulatory knowledge should be similar - better even!

Depending on the culture in which you have flown so far, you have been allowed, even encouraged, to make decisions during your time as P1. Your impending upgrade is, one would assume, because your employer believes that you have already proved yourself capable of taking on the additional responsibilities of command which, in simplicity, boil down to <The Buck Stops Here>.

There may be a company document somewhere titled, "Global Airlines Guide To Perfect Captaincy" (similar titles abound on English cricket!). Perhaps one of the usual aviation suspects has published, "How To Be A Super Airline Captain" to add to his collection of previous tomes of limited content.

The best study material is a thorough revision of all your company ops manuals and procedures.

For wider reading, "Handling The Big Jets" by D P Davies is an excellent technical book. In spite of its age, E K Gann's "Fate Is The Hunter" remains the most astute command bible of transport aviation ever published. It is still available from online sources.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

buzz boy
23rd May 2003, 02:25
The command course varies from company to company;

My advise is to have a thorough knowlege of your sops and books, be able to find relevant information quickly etc.

In the simulator use your resourses well, the F/O Cabin crew etc, above all dont rush a decision unless forced to, no matter how stirred up you may feel dont show it! maintain a calm and profesional manner, remember all eyes are on you now!

Good luck.

23rd May 2003, 18:06
Above all, never forget that the seat of your pants still works and always will:ok:

tarjet fixated
24th May 2003, 01:41
Well guys...you were of no help regarding books but thanks a lot for your suggestions and for backing me up!
As far as my upgrade is concerned i guess sept./oct. is the date...i will keep you posted!

24th May 2003, 02:17
It cannot be "studied" as such; it must be acquired on the job, mainly by sitting in the right seat for a few years.

tarjet fixated
25th May 2003, 02:15
I appreciate your comment glueball but i find it an obvious statement,i think and hope that everyone who is put into the left seat has spent some quality time on the right for some years...