View Full Version : Jeddah Bomb and Jet Aviation

18th May 2003, 19:29
I understand that two of Jet Aviation staff were killed in the recent bombing, many more crew suffered ear damage, and burns.

I have looked in PPune, and other hallowed sites, but no reference to this outrage, towards Corporate Aviation.

Can any one throw more light in this direction.....

18th May 2003, 23:11
Try looking for information on a bombing in "Riyadh" not "Jeddah", the attacks took place against a number of housing compounds, so while they certainly targetted westerners, they werent targetting "corporate aviation".


19th May 2003, 01:24
For many Ppruners, in addition to the dreadful loss of life it creates further uncertainty within the industry. With the issues at stake in Kenya and the other locations what impact might this have on the lucrative middle eastern routes.

Yet again, if the outcome of the war, SARS and now this to contend were not enough the prospect of stability within the airline industry seems further away again after this week.

19th May 2003, 02:02
very sad - condolences to all

Hostie from Hell
19th May 2003, 07:49
Also had heard from a friend that works for Jet that two of their staff may have been killed in the bombings. Have not heard an update, hope its not true.