View Full Version : BMI EMB 135"POINTY JET"

2nd Aug 2001, 01:26
Saw the first 135 in the BMI hanger at EMA today.Looks very flash in the new BMI livery.Reg is G-RJXJ.Are they going to fly with the mainline fleet or with BD commuter?

The Bluesmobile
2nd Aug 2001, 02:07
Bit of an eye catcher, eh ?

All the BMI 135/145's are operated by BMI Regional, ex BM commuter.

2nd Aug 2001, 02:18
BMI 135s have been operating from MAN for 4 months... :rolleyes: so what's the prob?
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

rhythm method
2nd Aug 2001, 02:33
Please guys....

The official aircraft title is 'Barbie Jet'.

Let's get it right in future.


Electric Sky
2nd Aug 2001, 02:39
The E135 operating bmi schedules from MAN is only wet leased by the company pending the arrival of new aircraft. G-RJXJ is the first E135 for bmi and is the first bmi Regional aircraft to wear the new colourscheme.

ES ;)

2nd Aug 2001, 03:26
Correction to the above:

CRJ = Barbie Jet
EMB = Pencil Jet