View Full Version : B737 Loss Of All Generators

11th May 2003, 20:19
If you loose ALL generators you have to land on battery power within 30 minutes (or 45 if with the APU battery on the -500).
Actually, flaps are available for landing since the lever acts mechanically.
But there will be no flaps indication on battery only, thus no asymmetry protection.
I would use normal flaps anyway.
Do you agree?

11th May 2003, 21:27
Yes, you would use normal flap extension. To use the Alternate Flap Operation you are unnecessarily adding to your problems. Remember, if you are down to battery power only, you have very limited flight instruments left and a real effort in crew co-ordination is required to keep on top of everything especially if the wx is against you. Situational awareness can easily be lost. Also, as the flap position indicator is now u/s, you would never really know what flap setting you have. At least by using the flap lever in the normal sense you know where they should be. If a flap assym were to occur you would feel it very quickly in roll, but that would be a real bad day if your flaps failed/split as well and of course we all know that Mr Boeings aircraft don't suffer from multiple failures (!).:ok:

11th May 2003, 23:07

Another thing to consider would be the alternate flaps will use electric motor to extend your flaps, not hydraulics. With little juice and no assymmetry protection on alternate flaps anyway, its not a good call. Flaps asymmetry will have to be identified through the seat and the standby ADI...

Notso Fantastic
12th May 2003, 02:03
I have done an 'all flaps up' landing on a 737-200. Stonking fast! We were boring in at 190 kts at Gatwick having told approach we were on a high speed flaps-up landing (with bored answer of 'Roger'), switched to tower by about 1000' to hear a 747 cleared to line up and taxiing on in front of us. Pressed on in appalled amazement and landed as the Fat Albert lifted off. Very fast.........took a lot of stopping (full reverse no brakes), but usual turn off from 26L.

12th May 2003, 02:29
Fantastic! What was the cause of that?