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11th May 2003, 18:58
I'm surprised by this topic. In my airline we can only have flaps 1 or 5 for take-off. No limitations exist for a takeoff with flaps 15.
Does it exist in others airlines or has Boeing forbidden this kind of thing?
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11th May 2003, 19:29
A request, if I may.

Your post does not indicate the other thread to which you refer. I vaguely recall a thread on 737 flap settings - is this the one to which you refer ? ... it is always useful if you tie your new thread to another if that is relevant so that people can work out what is going on.

If my supposition above is correct, the available flap settings vary with model.

12th May 2003, 03:06
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Captain_loulou, it really would help if you told us what aircraft type you were talking about. :)


12th May 2003, 09:02
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