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1st May 2003, 16:35
Another masterpiece of journalism in The Sun today!
Apparently the pax,sorry,'Shaken Trippers' thought their F50 was going to crash after spying the Cheeky Girls sitting on the pilots laps after being let into the flight deck during a Rotterdam to Heathrow sector.
Any Thoughts?

1st May 2003, 16:44
I thought LHR-bound flights banned non-operational personnel from the cockpit.

So are these rules flexible or not?

1st May 2003, 16:47
To be fair to The Sun,that is what they reported and it is a serious point.Someone will be in hot water over this.

1st May 2003, 17:17
There certainly would have been a few bumps there!

That AMS-LHR sector in a F50 is normally a bit lumpy, certainly in the last few days with all the low pressure and rainshower activity.

Hot water - yes, certainly somebody will be in for it if it is true!
Maybe its going to feature in their latest cheeky video, 50 DME Clacton.

1st May 2003, 17:30
Good old Sun, always last with the news!


1st May 2003, 19:13
Fair-Do's newswatcher........no flies on you! Sorry for starting this duplicate thread!

1st May 2003, 19:20
Full Sun article here:


1st May 2003, 19:26
Wonderful accuracy again from our journalist pals...

"David Dunn, one of about 100 passengers on board"

In that case the pilots wouldn't be the only ones with people sat on their laps....:rolleyes:

1st May 2003, 19:35
No probs eng123. I admit to being one of the minority who don't find the "Cheeky girls" err.... well cheeky.

Now the May page of the FHM calendar is a different matter!:D :D

1st May 2003, 22:09
I know I should just laugh it off or ignore it, but really, what is this world coming to? BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING ! :mad: What a load of nonsense over nothing. Yet it may cost two pilots their jobs. :mad:

Onan the Clumsy
1st May 2003, 22:31
"She was sitting in the pilot's lap as they came into land, but she knew there was nothing to worry about as it was a sterile cockpit"

1st May 2003, 22:34
Well I have a mate operating a few 1-11's in Africa that would love to get his hands on a 100 seater F50, think of the money we could make. Who do I contact about the conversion ?

Celtic Emerald
1st May 2003, 23:19
It wasn't Captain Squealchy's lap by any chance. Don't think thats the type of plane he flies anyway but you'd never know. LOL ;)


2nd May 2003, 00:00
........was i dreaming or did i hear the faint echo of "we are the cheeky girls" over r/t the other day.....i swear i saw a blip wearing stockings that same day too......maybe i should mail the sun ?



5th May 2003, 22:13
Emminemmie!!!! ;)

Good to see you again. No it wasn't me this time. Sorry

The 100 seater F50 is not my type, The chicks are not my type and I would have asked them into my cockpit before the TakeOff and send the Efoo out to smoke a fag. Apart from those minor details ... If it only were you, who knows, maybe next time :O


7th May 2003, 18:18

if you really think the Sun is "always last with the news" then you should read more newspapers. You don't get to be market leader the way they have done without being damned good at what you do.

Whether it's your cup of tea or not is entirely your privilege, but if the average airline was anywhere close to performing as competently as the Sun then the average pilot would be much more securely employed!

7th May 2003, 18:49
Algy, the point I made was that this story had already been covered in a British newspaper, two days previously. The Sun were late to this party. Why? Certainly not a demonstration of the quality of their "investigative journalism"!!

The main reason that the Sun has the highest readership is due to its policy of tittilation, the quality of their journalism comes a poor second. If quality is measured by numbers, then Coronation Street and Eastenders are the best programs on TV. I don't think so!

It pains me that "the Sun" came second in the 2003 "Newspaper of the Year" awards, behind "The Times"!

It is interesting that a "newspaper" which has traditionally expressed right-wing views, often to the point of xenophobia, is now bought by a large number of Labour readers.