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Capt. Horrendous
26th Apr 2003, 00:30
Southwest fires pilots for undressing

Airline says pilots who removed their clothes in cockpit engaged in 'inappropriate conduct.'
April 25, 2003: 9:30 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Southwest Airlines has dismissed two pilots who allegedly removed most or all of their clothes during a flight, according to a published report.

USA Today reports that the two male pilots, who were not identified by the airline, were dismissed for "inappropriate conduct," quoting airline spokeswoman Ginger Hardage,

Southwest "will not tolerate any inappropriate or offensive behavior," she said.

There is no indication that the safety of the flight was affected or that any Federal Aviation Administration regulation was violated.

The paper said the pilots involved are appealing their termination. They contend that one of them removed his uniform after coffee was spilled, according to the paper. A flight attendant saw them after being summoned to the cockpit to bring paper towels and soda water. Southwest is treating the episode as a prank that went too far, the paper said.

Southwest has become the nation's most financially successful airline, partly through good labor relations, which have allowed it to keep its costs and fares lower than competitors'. The paper quotes the airline's pilots union as saying the dismissal and the appeal were "an internal matter."

26th Apr 2003, 02:27
OOOO talk about the expression 'cught with your pants down' lol!! :hmm: Well providing they were not running around the cockpit i dont really see what was wrong with taken some items off which had drinks spilt on them...providing they were still flying the plane!

Good luck to them!!! :ok:

26th Apr 2003, 03:14
A friend told me this story a few years back. They had just had a carribean layover and both he and the second pilot had gotten sunburned. As it was quite uncomfortable with the uniform against the red skin they both stripped down to thier skivvies. The lead flight attendant came up to offer some drinks and condolences, but when she returned to the cabin, she grabbed thier uniforms and high tailed it out of the cockpit. For the rest of the flight she had quite a laugh with them over thier onboard interphone. Just before landing she did bring the clothes back up to them.. No one arrested for streaking the cockpit. I guess it is a different time now. But the story gave me a good laugh.

26th Apr 2003, 03:27
That was back before sexual harrassment, equality and all that other nonsense. It was back when airline employees had fun, and respected each other. Now, people can't wait to turn in their fellow employees.

At some carriers, you even get a reward, but no nAAmes:

26th Apr 2003, 04:10
How on Earth did anyone in the cabin know what was going on in the cockpit? By the time they've got the padlocks off, drawn the deadbolts, remembered the combination and sawn through the welds, the pilots would have had plenty of time to dress, surely?

26th Apr 2003, 04:25
I expect it was the FA who turned them in. You simply can't pull the same larks on the CC that once were de rigeur. And rightly so IMO, but then I'm a prude (PPRuDe ?) anyway.

26th Apr 2003, 05:21
Airline spokeswoman "Ginger Hardage"

Now that really does conjure up some intersting images Capt. Horry !!!!!!!!

You've been reading the wrong sort of literature methinks..........

sarboy w****r
27th Apr 2003, 15:40
I don't see what the problem of nakedness is - I've always found our rearcrew enjoy the feeling of fresh air against the skin, wearing just a helmet and dispatcher's harness. Not a pleasant sight mind!

Tom the Tenor
27th Apr 2003, 16:48
Finding a middle ground on an issue is difficult in America since September 11th - Retribution or bust, I guess!

28th Apr 2003, 01:31
i think we should all fly naked! it would bring a whole new meaning to the word cockpit! i agree with you sarboy w****r, infact im sure its compulsory in certain overseas bases?! ;) :confused:

28th Apr 2003, 03:20
Here's an earlier clothing optional incident at BA as reported by the Sunday Times:

May 5 1999

Stewardess takes off as plane lands


EVERYONE was pleased when a British Airways jet arrived almost half an hour early at Genoa. Travellers were able to make an early start for their hotels, and Italian airport workers were able to see a half-naked air hostess running down the steps and around the plane.

The stewardess had bet the pilot that she would strip down to her underwear if their flight from Gatwick reached its destination early. The 23-year-old brunette not only kept her side of the bargain, she also put on the captain's cap, tip-toed down the aircraft steps after most of the passengers had disembarked and sprinted around the Boeing 737, "smiling and wiggling" according to onlookers, before re-boarding.

However, while the new incentive for punctual flying was universally praised in Italy, BA officials back home were less than amused. "We take this very seriously," a spokesman said. "It seems there was some inappropriate behaviour and we are looking into the details of what happened." He claimed that the woman also wore a yellow tabard to protect her modesty. The stewardess, who has not been named, has been allowed to continue working while an inquiry is carried out, although the company declined to reveal which route she is using.

The pilot on the Sunday flight to Genoa's Christopher Columbus airport is believed to have taken advantage of favourable wind conditions and uncongested air traffic space to make an early landing. Many flight-times in Europe have built-in delays to take account of expected traffic congestion.

The respected Italian newspaper La Repubblica praised the ingenuity of the wager: "It is only a pity that most of the passengers missed the most pleasant and original aspect of the flight, which was the real reason it came in early."

Iron City
29th Apr 2003, 21:53
This could be a good idea for airline (and heck, why not all modes of transportation) security. Fly naked. No shoes to light up, no place to hide weapons, etc. For the prudes among the pax and crew maybe spandex pants and tops, bare feet. no place to hide anything. Mind you on 85% of the population it wouldn't be pretty but it would make the security people's job easier.

Maybe the Powers that Be can require it....they seem to be able to require everything and anything else.