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Dirty Harry
24th Apr 2003, 02:51
Just got a call from Now offering me an interview. It's been just about 4 weeks from when I sent my details to them. Anyone know what to expect at the interview? I am B737 rated, has anyone got an interview who is not rated?

My names Turkish
24th Apr 2003, 07:59
I'm with you.

Their website is www.now-airlines.co.uk.

I hadn't heard a wisper but I see that they are accepting C.V's from fATPL.. 737-300's.Oops better get mine in the post before all those other pesky low timers.

LTN man
24th Apr 2003, 13:39
Only 157 posts on PPRUNE about this airline. Have a look at http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=84069&referrerid=25276

A Very Civil Pilot
25th Apr 2003, 19:43
737 rated, going for interview next week.

Larfin' Boy
29th Apr 2003, 18:44
Anyone got any info regarding format / style of interview at Now?

Any info would be greatly appreciated either by posting or direct email! Thanks.

29th Apr 2003, 20:46
Lots of easyJet people going for interviews.........ask them! :)

LTN man
30th Apr 2003, 01:21
Find that hard to believe. Who would risk a secure job for the unknown?

30th Apr 2003, 16:11
With the possible exception of Monarch and BA who has a secure job at the moment?