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Obi Wan Kirk
22nd Apr 2003, 01:55
Rumour is that Ryan Air would love to open a new base at Manchester Airport and put 10 B737-800s into there.

The problem is that Ryan Air and Manchester Airport don't seem to be able to come to an agreement. Manchester Airport is not used much and has an empty new runway. Maybe the airport management should close the deal with MOL and get loads of passengers transiting in the airport and spending money in the shops...

I reckon it would be a great deal for Manchester Airport even if Ryan Air didn't pay any landing fees.

22nd Apr 2003, 02:19
But why should it be Ryanair that doesnt pay any landing fee's?? If that incentive was offered to Ryanair, surely all other operators in to MAN could demand the same, leaving MAN with even less revenue?

22nd Apr 2003, 02:23
Are you employed by Ryanair??? Maybe if Ryanair are so keen to set up base at MAN they should do what all the other airlines do, pay! The dispute with Ryanair started purely cos MAN had the guts to say if you wanna use a proper airport you pay the proper fee's, like every other airline operating there. Naturally, management, or the press office (the later seems to have more control over FR) threw their toys out of the cradle over it.

Besides, why would they want to start ops at MAN, when they already have Manchester West?

22nd Apr 2003, 02:30
Why would it be a great deal for MAN if they didn't pay landing fees?
Apart from pi**ing the scheduled carriers off and so reducing all the landing fees there is no benefit to the airport, and other airports such as STN, LPL compete on a different level to MAN, much less scheduled traffic, do FR operate into Milan or Rome etc.
Besides which they can't even pay the current landing fees on time for their current schedule!

Say Mach Number
22nd Apr 2003, 18:02
Ryanair love them or hate them facts are facts they shift bucket loads of people and invariably any airport that entertains them will reap the reward. I have seen it first hand and its not only the airports that benefit but entire communities from taxi firms to hoteliers etc. I was even told by a policeman they were glad to have Ryanair as they making a fortune in parking tickets from all the extra custom at the airport.
But fair play to Man airport for standing their ground with Ryanair but equally you cant blame FR for trying to swing a deal I would.

22nd Apr 2003, 22:50
Just to clarify for those of you who seem to have missed the point, this thread is obviously about Ryanair setting up a base at Manchester. That means basing crews there.

Ryanair already operate to and from Manchester. Can we leave the rabid anti-Ryanair diatribe for those threads where the complaint is about the name of the destination in relation to the name of the airport! :rolleyes:

22nd Apr 2003, 23:42
Finished my nights at 7 this morning:ok:
T2 was [nearly] full as was T1, and T3. Also BA schedules were "remote parked".
If a "Large Carrier" DAL,USA,COA etc has to wait for a stand, there is no chance that RYR/FR can base several a/c at MAN and expect a 40min turnround unless they fly "off peak" OR Deliberately park remotely [fat chance]
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

23rd Apr 2003, 00:11
I am led to believe that all the expansion plans for EGCC have been put on hold??? :confused:

24th Apr 2003, 07:40
Obi Wan Kirk:

Manchester Airport is not used much

Are you talking about Manchester UK (MAN) here?

If so, you are somewhat misinformed, as MAN is a fairly busy airport with 60+ airlines operating scheduled and charter flights to worldwide destinations.

Ryanair are only one of three operators who currently serve Dublin from Manchester, the others being Aer Lingus (codeshare with BA) and Luxair.

Why should they get preferential treatment?

24th Apr 2003, 18:56
Why would Ryanair want to set up a base at Manchester when it has its base at Liverpool ?
Ps lots of new routes to be ano from Liverpool soon

25th Apr 2003, 00:37
In my opinion the whole set up at Manchester is expensive, from landing fees to office space.
The aviation industry as had major setbacks in recent years and now with the outbreak of SARS, more airlines will fall.
Not only Ryan Air, but all the airlines operating in and out of Manchester should have their landing fees reduced.
The airport won't survive without the airlines.

25th Apr 2003, 02:43
AFAIK, the landing fees at MAN are set by the CAA, not by the Airport Authority
I could be wrong tho' [it has been known]
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

25th Apr 2003, 03:56
Was passing through MAN at about 20:00 last night. The apron was packed! Where are they going to park the planes in July and August!!

bagpuss lives
25th Apr 2003, 06:44
Manchester Airport is not used much and has an empty new runway

Errrrrrrrm not quite sure how you reach this sweeping conclusion dear chap? :)

I for one welcome any new traffic in or out of Manchester regardless of carrier or destination. Any growth is good growth in these troublesome times surely?

25th Apr 2003, 07:24

The MAN airport authority has, and still does, give discounts to airlines. The MAN/Ryanair recent falling out was when Ryanairs discount period had come to an end.

Obi Wan Kirk
25th Apr 2003, 15:23
I guess Ryan Air should go for either a Liverpool or Blackpool base as a valid alternative to Manchester.

Easyjet seem to be doing well out of Liverpool and Ryan Air could set-up routes to all their Italian destinations without having to compete with Easyjet...

Alternatively Blackpool could be an option, STN-BPL flights start on 1st may, we'll see how that goes and what expansion plans the airport have.