View Full Version : Buzz drops 3 trunk routes, reduces capacity on others

1st Aug 2001, 18:05
Things are looking rather grim at KLMjaundiced.

Buzz have taken a number of route off sale from November onwards.

VIE - Dropped
DUS - Dropped
CGN - Dropped

They have also hacked back capacity on others...

FRA - down to 2 a day
HEL - down to daily

However they will continue Murcia and Jerez, Potiers and La Rochelle... flying twice a week or so.

Obviously they will not made enough cash this summer to continue flying the entire fleet for the winter.

I wonder if KLM have had enough... they can no longer afford to fly around loss making KLM routes (Malmo dropped).. why should they bother having dinky yellow 146's loosing money as well?

1st Aug 2001, 19:14
:( life looks sad for 146 drivers. Banishment to Dog-doo Liege looks imminent for many.

1st Aug 2001, 20:48
can't do low cost with high cost aircraft...no surprise here; just first indication of what should be coming soon...

2nd Aug 2001, 00:44
Perhaps it's just their Winter timetable? My last trip back on a Monday morning from FRA was on a 737, not a 146. No funny smell, no odd flap noise and we came back in the mid 30s rather than mid 20s.

Still like the '146 though - but STN to FRA seems rather an odd route for a short field 4-jet!

2nd Aug 2001, 03:32
I heard that as KLMuk retired its F50's it was replacing them with Buzz 146's on those routes. KLMuk still selling its F100's back to Cityhopper (where they aquired many from only 4 years ago).
It sadly looks like the continued shrinkage of a once great company - Air UK rest in peace !

2nd Aug 2001, 10:21
Looking at Buzz from a passengers point of view, I don't think we have ever had it so good.

I live in Frankfurt, but I am originally from the UK. What Buzz has meant for me is more trips home to see my family. Sure the 146 is not perfect, but I have flown on much worse to various parts of the world.

It will be a great shame if Buzz cuts back too much or worse still disappears completely.

What that will mean for me is;

(a) A return to BA prices or
(b) The horrendous journey to LHR or
(c) A journey to the a**e of the world they call HHN.

The Buzz staff are always friendly and helpful, the aircraft are clean and despite the best efforts of Frankfurt ATC usually on time.

Any plans to replace those 146's?

2nd Aug 2001, 11:57
Contrary to the popular opinion of all the Casandras out there, Buzz is actually doing rather well at the moment. All airlines adjust their routes with the seasons, predicted loads etc. As for KLMuk, the F100's will still be operating to Amsterdam. Don't anybody go writing the company off just yet.

2nd Aug 2001, 12:45
ramsrc - I couldn't agree more with you. I used to travel LH between LHR and FRA, but the availability of cheap tickets disappeared last year without warning. All the other operators were asking crazy prices, so I looked around and found 2 alternatives from STN. LH - but as they'd been so rude about cheap LHR tickets I refused to deal with them, or buzz. Since then I've travelled more or less every 5-6 weeks with them and it's always been a good flight.

Ryanair to where-the-hell-is-Hahn is a total joke. It takes far longer to get from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof to w-t-h-i-Hahn than it does from w-t-h-i-Hahn to STN! And costs rather more than the Dm 6.10 price for 20 min S-bahn and tram to my destination!

Low cost no-frills is the way - as I said to LH, 80 more is rather a lot to pay for the wretched Lufthansakaesbroetchen and free drink, plus their new Airbus seats are dreadfully uncomfortable - the A300-600 was much comfier!!