View Full Version : A320 T/O with turning nose wheel

Lump Jockey
12th Apr 2003, 23:52
Can someone explain why the nose wheel is deflected in this picture please.

Mad (Flt) Scientist
13th Apr 2003, 05:47
Squinting hard at the photo, I can just about convince myself that the rudder is deflected trailing edge right (i.e in the same sense as the nosewheel, turning right)

Perhaps it's a bit of a crosswind, and the nosewheel is still responding to rudder inputs, as the (presumed) WOW switch has not triggered it off yet?

Just a guess.

13th Apr 2003, 12:43
Not only the WOW sensor. The nose gear has a mechanical self centering device which ensures the wheel is centred at max strut extension. I also guess that the strut has not fully extended so the wheel is still responding to rudder commands.

We did once however have an incorrectly assembled nose gear assy which moved away from centre when hyds were switched off.

15th Apr 2003, 02:05
Looks very strange to me.
Max nose-wheel deflection from rudder is 6 degrees to around 50 kts, then it trails off to 0 degrees at 130 kts. This picture looks a lot more than a couple of degrees. Cant be steering-wheel input either as that is deactivated over 70 kts ( all in GS).
Dont believe all you see!!!:confused:

Happy easter