View Full Version : Lufthansa on the retreat

9th Apr 2003, 13:54
According to this mornings media reports, LH is expecting an unusual high operational lose in 1.Q 03. To offset this meagre situation, the board has decided to cut further routs and put cabin and ground staff on an uncompensated, reduced work load.

The company cited the bad world economical standing, Iraq war and the undefined risk of SARS as the causes for those actions.

This is sick ya'll!!!
What else has to happen before we'll have a normal industry to work for? Seems like the sh!t is hitting the van just everywhere huh?

9th Apr 2003, 16:22
...the cited circumstances are facts. No one is able to make people fly to HKG if they don't want to! In my opinion it is much more commendable to react quickly and make necessary changes, than to manage into the blue. LH was one of the few airlines which came away after 9.11 without major problems, without state funding etc.. If not anything else, this did dramatically increase the trust of employees in the quick reacting and loss minimising management.