View Full Version : Delta 777 Emergency at manchester

Autoland Fail
8th Apr 2003, 14:51
Saw Delta 777 depart manchester yesterday, and return an hour later. met by full fire emergency services.

any news?

Dr Illitout
8th Apr 2003, 23:15
I saw it on stand yesterday, with No1 engine cowls open and a few people standing around looking puzzled. The lastest word is they are going to change the engine.

9th Apr 2003, 03:44
A ringway spotter's site says:

"Delta 65" (777 N866DA) aborted take-off at the first attempt and then once finally airborne the Captain returned the aircraft after reporting an engine problem. MD-11 N813DE arrived from Rome to transport passengers to Atlanta as "DL 9581"


bagpuss lives
9th Apr 2003, 03:51
Surging engine, standard return to airfield drill, no fuss and no panic :)

9th Apr 2003, 06:58
Delta asked BA if they could use their empty hangar for the engine change. The reply from BA was "sorry but we're not allowed to put aircraft inside"


Is this what is meant as a waste of space??;)

9th Apr 2003, 12:13
Slightly off-topic, sorry - How do they transport such a large engine around?
Something like take the fan and outer nacelle off and leave the core as-is, then put it all back together at the location?

9th Apr 2003, 16:23
They have to ferry the whole engine with a 747 cargo (extra cost) or an Antonov (extra cost twice), when a 330 or 340 engine fit into a classic airliner, thus avoiding costs and loss of time.

9th Apr 2003, 16:26

The BA Hangar at MAN closed last year with the loss of many jobs and is now empty and locked. The reason that DL can't use it is likely to be that nobody can find the key!

9th Apr 2003, 16:27
Unserviceable engines are easier to transport as the cowling, casing and fan disc can be dismantled from the core and moved separately. The B777 has a very small engine core but a massive fan casing and disc. Thus, U/S engines can be moved round on smaller widebody aircraft.

Serviceable engines are normally moved around quite easily in a B747F side cargo door or Antonov 124.
One of the factors of the B777 engines design is that they can be loaded minus cowlings complete with fan and disc into a B747 SCD.

gas path
9th Apr 2003, 17:41
The replacement engine if supplied by RR (or BA!) will go up by road complete minus the nose cowl, no problem.
I wonder if it's been boroscoped yet? Surging can be caused by inlet guide vane feedback failure. MAS had a similar problem at FRA and it was a contaminated plug.
The Trent engine minus nosecowl will fit into a 747 freighter complete, whereas a GE90 will not!