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6th Apr 2003, 21:12
Hi Techies,

Just searching through my books and study materials and realised that nowhere do I have a comprehensive list of the different V speed definitions. Bits here and there but no complete list. From time to time I hear of a new one that I've never come across so my question to you guys is:

Can anyone either list all the V-speed definitions relative to commercial flying or post a link to a site that does list them ALL.



6th Apr 2003, 23:21
V Speeds.

V1: t/o decision speed
V2: t/o safety speed
V3: steady initial climb speed with all engines operating
V4: steady climb speed with all engines operating to be achieved by 400ft gross height
Va: design maneuvering speed
Vb: design speed for max gust intensity
Vc: design cruising speed.
Vclmax: max coefficient of lift speed.
Vd: design diving speed
Vdmin: minimum drag
Vdf: demonstrated flight diving speed
Vef: the CAS at which the critical engine is assumed to fail
Vf: design flap speed
Vfe: max flap extended speed
Vfto: final t/o speed
Vimd: minimum drag
Vimp: minimum power
Vh: max speed in level flight with max continuous power.
Vle: max landing gear extended speed
Vlo: max landing gear operating speed
Vlof: lift-off speed
Vmbe: max brake energy speed
Vmd: minimum drag
Vmc: minimum control speed with critical engine inoperative
Vmca: minimum control speed, air
Vmcg: minimum control speed, ground
Vmcl: minimum control speed, approach and landing
Vme: max endurance
Vmo: max operating limit speed
Vmp: minimum power
Vmr: max range
Vmu: minimum unstick speed
Vnd: max structural cruising speed
Vne: never exceed speed
Vno: normal operating speed
Vp: aquaplaning speed.
Vr: rotation speed
Vra: rough air speed
Vref: reference landing speed
Vs: V-stall
Vso: stall speed in landing configuration
Vs1: stall speed in a specified configuration
Vs1g: one g stall speed
Vsr: reference stall speed
Vsse: safe single engine speed
Vt: threshold speed
Vtmax: max threshold speed
Vx: best angle of climb
Vxe: best angle of climb, single engine
Vy: best rate of climb
Vyse: best rate of climb single engine

There are propably a lot more......

6th Apr 2003, 23:48
That's a great start POL.777. Does anyone know what Vg is? POL.777 has listed the definition of Vs1g but what about Vg?



7th Apr 2003, 01:43
Vg is velocity for best glide.

7th Apr 2003, 02:08
D'oh! I knew that! :O

Amazing what slips the mind when you're learning about these big hairyplanes! Can't believe I forgot that.....


7th Apr 2003, 03:47
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