View Full Version : LHR Intruders 31/3/03

1st Apr 2003, 14:02
LHR 09R/27L southern runway closed last night due to intruders running amok airside.

I heard rumour that It was antiwar proterstors trying to stage a sit in on the runway.

Southern runway closed as a precaution as around 4 assailants ran accross the ramp behind T3 in a southwesterly direction towards the T5 construction site.

Loads of police encircled RVP west and taxiways.
Quite a sight to see Police Land Rovers and a Met Police BMW speeding along the southern taxiway and around the holiding areas.

Dog Van arrived and the assailants were taken into custody.
All this happened around 2115local last night.
Southern runway opened again around 2200local.

Backup helicopter arrived too late, after all of the action had ceased. It couldnt get across from the north side due to heavy arrivals & deps on single runway ops from 09L.

1st Apr 2003, 23:36
Tell me about it! I was already lined up and ready to roll when the runway was closed. Got stuck for 30 mins along with two other aircraft. Thank goodness for fuel reserves!

Made for some interesting viewing at least, all those cars driving around haphazardly on the runway/taxiways.

Does make one wonder though....:(

2nd Apr 2003, 02:44
A person was caught......it was nothing to do with terrorism or the war.....but as they say never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

2nd Apr 2003, 03:07
Chaps you must be mis -informed, we all know how secure LHR is.Bloody lucky it was not anyone trying to do a spectacular, BAA using the same security tactics, ie Close the eyes and Cross the fingers.