View Full Version : Airbus cleaning solution

18th Mar 2003, 23:00
Does any one know if there is a specific solution to clean the center pedestal and the instrument panel recommended by Airbus?
Is there any over the counter cleaning solution which would be harmless for cleaning?

fantum farter
18th Mar 2003, 23:52
Got some stuff called "Visial" made by a company called Alglas that I managed to acquire.

It is primarally for glass/acrylic or polycarbonate finishes.

Lots of references regarding approval to MOD standard 68-147/1

Nato stock 33d 7930-99-81 1-9-359

Boeing document D6-7127

And then just says approved by airbus industrie

seems to work ok on the CRT's of the B757's that I fly (and my pc vdu)

We generally use a paintbrush on the central console to get rid of the dust/bits of sarnie and god knows what else.

the website on the bottle is www.alglas.com

and before anyone asks, no I am not connected to them