View Full Version : My Travel shares still going down

11th Mar 2003, 22:03
This from the stock exchange today 11/3/03


The price is now 09.75p and an AGM on the 20th at the G-Mex in Manchester if anyone is interested.

How much lower can the shares slip before it hits the fan :(

12th Mar 2003, 07:32
I don't suppose that the First Choice Annual Meeting helped matters. Reports of slowdown in bookings ( down 25%) and cutting holidays in May & June by 15%. Aircraft seats are a bit like yesterday's papers, worth nothing after the doors are shut.
I don't suppose that "Jack ShIraq" is helping matters either by his perceived self importance on the world stage.

12th Mar 2003, 09:20
The My Travel shareprice dropped to single figures at close yesterday (9.6p) and are currently down to 7.75p just how low can they go before things get very, very bad ?

12th Mar 2003, 09:26
Zero would be very bad.

Lou Scannon
12th Mar 2003, 14:54
What do you call a Frenchman on the way to the Gulf next week?

Answer: A salesman

Hang in there Airtours!