View Full Version : Flak for Delta and the new TSA security system

Cyclic Hotline
10th Mar 2003, 02:40
Here's one passenger that is not very happy with the current proposals, nor Delta as the first airline to implement them. Check out his website! (http://www.boycottdelta.org/)

10th Mar 2003, 04:07
Best website i've seen in a long time...almost as funny as some of the comments on PPRuNe.

On a slightly more serious note, suspect that this new 'system' will be challenged in the courts....and poor 'ole Delta will catch flak, big time.

11th Mar 2003, 01:29
I took a quick look at the website and I am surprised at this stuff. A couple of years ago we called this an invasion of privacy, now we have to be PC and say, "we all want to be safe when we fly, don't we", and all of us sheep will nod our heads yes.

What's next, questions like did you have sex last night ?

It looks like our credit scores will determine who gets to fly and who doesn't.

We had to deal with 19 hijackers, out of millions of people who fly every year. This does not represent a sample size large enough to warrant these actions even if the 19 had funny banking and bad credit scores. There is even government action taking place to ban or restrict credit scores when obtaining car insurance.

As I recall Mr. Atta had a traffic ticket, but he also shopped at Kmart. Anyone who shops at Kmart should get the red dot!!!