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7th Mar 2003, 18:49
An Extraordinary General Meeting is to be held by the easy board on 12 March. The purpose of the EGM is to convince shareholders to back the management endorsed decision to buy 120 airbus aircraft.
In the light of recent developments, I wonder if the board is in for a shock? Traditionally, when an airline reports a fall in bookings , the decision is made to reduce capacity, not increase it. So, with the share price now hovering just above the excercise price , a reduction in bookings, Ryanair unable to give away seats in a recent promotion, Gulf war looming, oil price rising with no hedging, why on earth does the easy board recommend a buy decision on airbus?The chief training captain has allegedly resigned his post , rumour has it, because airbus is not workable!The company are already having trouble just running two types of 737!!

If the share price hits 1.61( exercise price) RW will have to go

7th Mar 2003, 19:50

are you doing anything else in your life other than complaining about easyJet. what you say is actually wrong :
"fall in bookings" : see http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/030307/80/duwe6.html

It would put things a bit more in perspective instead of your constant complain about your (look like to be) employer.
Why don't you go somwhere else... If it is so terrible...

Good luck.

Colonel Klink
7th Mar 2003, 21:15
Er, Dudley,it's not about whinging about easyJet because in almost every respect he's right. The rumour about the resignation of the Chief Training Captain is true (heard it from him myself), yields are down (admitted by RW himself), the share price is crap (see todays London Stock Exchange) and although the war may be looming, hedging oil prices would definitely have been a good move or so it will have seemed by mid year if the price goes up rapidly.Additionally, the market is flooded at the momement with low cost carriers who can't fill the seats (hence the Daily Express seat giveaway) and easyJet cannot keep pilots to fly them anyway!
The city knows easyJet is decidedly unimpressive at the moment, which is all POJ is pointing out!:}

7th Mar 2003, 21:30
Mixed news, all depends on what you read and how you look at it.


P.S Sorry about the BA add which pops up when you try and read the link.

no sig
7th Mar 2003, 23:16
Global issues aside, easyJet is where it is because the merger needs to be seen to be completed and will be with the start of the summer schedule this month, a decision on DBA needs to be made and the introduction of the Airbus needs to get underway. Sure the City is watching, uncertainty will mark us down somewhat for the time being. Competition was always coming and that is no surprise to anyone at easyJet, RDW was speaking about that matter over 4 years ago and his predictions were spot on.

PilotofJet your wrote:

'The chief training captain has allegedly resigned his post , rumour has it, because airbus is not workable!The company are already having trouble just running two types of 737'

What? Airbus not workable? of course the Airbus is workable and at a dam good price with it. And just to remind you we've been flying the -300/-700 very sucessfully for the past 2 years.

In trim
8th Mar 2003, 04:39
.......and as far as a decision is concerned at the EGM, I suspect the weight of Stelios' family vote should do it! ;)

Colonel Klink
8th Mar 2003, 06:32
Actually, No Sig, what the Chief Training Captain meant was that at up to 4 aircraft a month on occasion, the delivery schedule is totally unworkable as far as the Training program allows, and with the current shortage of drivers, the "promised" lifestyle improvemnts will never occur. It is going to be the summer of hell this year, make no mistake and as usual, it is because we cannot take our foot off the pedal long enough to see how fast we are going!! Ring me if you wish to discuss it!:(

Rocket Ron
8th Mar 2003, 08:43
no sig:

It's disingenuous for you to suggest that PLB has taken the decision he has because the merger "didn't suit him", you know very well that is not the case! Why didn't he go last July?

I shall refrain from airing the dirty washing on a public forum, but I'll just say that I'm personally very sad that such a likeable and able person as PLB felt that he couldn't do what has been asked of him - the question is, who can?

As regards your comment "of course the Airbus is workable", I hope you aren't forced to eat your words, because the Airbus is the least of our problems at the moment!

no sig
8th Mar 2003, 16:20
Rocket Ron

Steady on, I was making comment on pilotofjet's post regarding the alleged reasons for the CTC's going. As the able and capable person I agree he, I can't see any reason why it can't work, so why would he chose that course of action otherwise? But lets not discuss it further.

You are obviously closer than I am and perhaps know something I don't, in which case I'll retract my comment and if an apology is in order consider it made as I've clearly offended.

8th Mar 2003, 16:37
Leave EZY to bring on the Airbus and install shambles galore, the memories of integrating the 700 are not that distant...

Few Cloudy
9th Mar 2003, 09:41
On the contrary Springbok,

They seem to have learned from that experience and are using the Swiss base to launch and learn, before giving the 319 to the rest of the fleet.

As the Swiss happen to have an extremely competent Tech. Pilot I can envisage most snags being sorted before the bus hits the main fleet.

Rocket Ron
9th Mar 2003, 14:33
no sig

no offence taken, but perhaps you'd empty your message box so that we may talk privately.

9th Mar 2003, 15:10
The Swiss may well be being used to shake down aspects of the Airbus arrival at Easy, but do not under estimate the disruption it will cause to the UK operation.
From mid Summer large numbers of UK pilots and Cabin crew will have to be skimmed off UK staffing levels to cover for those doing the Airbus conversion. This will last for at least 6 months. The 700 coversion took barely a week before pilots could fly the line again and we are all aware of how short 700 pilots were, not to mention the rostering headache it caused with aircraft swops and non rated pilots on stby.
The airbus introduction is going to put enormous strain on the company at almost peak season and it looks like our now Ex Chief Trg Capt did not like what he saw in the crystal ball.

9th Mar 2003, 16:58
No Sig,
Yes for once I do agree that EZY are doing it the right way by introducing the Bus to GVA first however the unrealistic delivery schedule promised by the Toulouse company for the UK operations won't go together with the chaotic way of operating and organising proven in the past by the LTN Lalaland...

10th Mar 2003, 09:08

How am I wingheing about easyjet?All I am doing is reporting what is going on at the airline. There are no lies in what I write.As regards leaving, those of us here actually hope the airline might be turning the corner, and if you are actually an airline pilot, you will know of the ramifications of going to the bottom of a seniority list elsewhere.


how can you say the introduction of the 700 has been a success. Are you based in an outstation and fly only the 300?It has been a complete shambles ,not only for dual rated pilots, but 300 or 700 only rated guys, crewing, rostering et al. Throw into the equation airbus and extra cabin crew and all hell is going to break loose. In fact I think we are breaking a cardinal rule of lo cost ops.ONE AIRCRAFT TYPE.

In trim
10th Mar 2003, 09:24

You state EZY are breaking a cardinal rule of "lo cost ops" by moving away from 1 aircraft type. However, if a manufacturer offers a type which is assessed as being far more suitable, and at a much lower cost, then blindly following this 'logic' is not necessarily the right thing to do. Should EZY just stick to 737's forever, based on this 'rule'?

However, it is obviously going to be a real challenge, and they've got to get the crew numbers right, and the training programme slick, in order to deal with that rate of deliveries. Hopefully they'll build enough slack in the system to cope with this training requirement!

Colonel Klink
10th Mar 2003, 10:40
In Trim, iif there ever could be enough slack in the training side, then perhaps the CTC would not have had to resign.:mad:

10th Mar 2003, 16:33
the flyaway price of the airbus was obviously very cheap. The CEO of boeing stated at the time he had a duty to shareholders and would not offer Boeings at ridiculous prices.Airbus offered a deal that seemed to good to be true,... and it probably is. The TOTAL cost of acquiring Airbus is going to far exceed the extra it would have cost to buy Boeing. RW also has a duty to shareholders of easyJet stock , and shareholders are pretty soon going to be asking him what he intends to do about the share price. Maybe this EGM is going to be the occasion.

10th Mar 2003, 16:55
:ok: From my brief insight into the easyJet empire, the co. is more than capable of dealing with short, medium and long term problems. It is lean and mean and will continue to shame more established operators with profit and passenger figures.

Whether the detractors like it or not, they are here to stay, big time.

Mr Ree
10th Mar 2003, 17:13
I turn up at Luton at the required time, fly a -300 or -700, and nearly always finish before the advertised time and go home. No drama, shambles, wingeing or moaning. And then at the end of the month I get paid ; no drama, shambles, wingeing or moaning.
Pretty much what they said the job would be like. Not bad really.

10th Mar 2003, 19:59
Does anybody know which company Mr Ree works for? And are they recruiting?

PS I am current on both types, and like to get home early.

Colonel Klink
10th Mar 2003, 20:10
Mr Ree, If that is what it is like for you now,I have no doubt the sound of your whinging will be deafening after Summer! It's so refreshing, isn't it, those of you that have been here 5 minutes trying to tell those of us that have been here 6 years that we don't know what we are talking about!:cool:

In trim
10th Mar 2003, 20:42

I agree there is no doubt Airbus have done an astounding deal. Everyone knew eJ had done a thorough assessment, and if they bought Boeing at that stage it would almost certainly have sent a message to other lo-cost airlines to stick with Boeing and not bother with the assessment!

However, I am convinced the Airbus is a good deal. The 737 is an old piece of kit (albeit dressed up with a glass cockpit). The Airbus gives a lot of advantages, including growth potential and commonality, in a 'handling-friendly' airframe, which I don't believe the 737 can offer.

This is not intended to start yet another Boeing v Airbus debate (the accountants don't care what the Pilots prefer!) but I genuinely do believe the Airbus is the better aircraft for eJ in the long term......as long as the introduction is properly managed!

Mr Ree
10th Mar 2003, 22:19
I was there last summer and it was bad. No doubt about it. But for longer than it was bad it is good. I enjoy the job and with one exception no one winges about it while we are flying and the one who does is a nice guy anyway : he just likes wingeing.
As a matter of interest to those who read this far and wide, nearly everyone I fly with never ever reads pprune. Either cos they don't have a computer or they find the material on offer too negative. And, funnily enough, they are not negative people, hence the lack of wingeing. So I am lucky, cos I go to work with people who enjoy the job, have a great sense of humour and I get paid for it. And I get to go home early sometimes.

11th Mar 2003, 06:27
My erudite and articulate reply to the above B@ll@cks

11th Mar 2003, 07:53
I also do not want to start an airbus v boeing debate. As well as the accountants, I do not care what I fly. I notice you attached an important caveat to your post..." as long as it is properly managed"....too true.Personally, I am hoping the shareholders will use the EGM to ascertain that very fact. I stand by my statement that the total cost to the airline of buying airbus is going to exceed what the board have budgeted. In a plc this is unacceptable and I hope the beancounters are as keen to reign in individuals who cost the company money as they are pilot costs.

11th Mar 2003, 07:56
anybody got any idea? We are a lo-cost airline and must reign in expenses after all. The duplicity is astounding.

11th Mar 2003, 08:00
Stop the duplicity, be honest about the duplication then cut that out as well?


Mr Ree
11th Mar 2003, 08:28
No it's not bollocks. I like flying for easyJet. I haven't heard anyone come in the crew-room and say "I hate this job and I'm leaving."The guys I fly with do not read pprune. They are aware of pprune but find the continual negativity of most of the postings boring. Look, I've been flying since the 1980s and I have seen some good things and not so good things. Right now easyJet is one of the best outfits I have worked for. Sure sometimes I get a hard weeks flying and sometimes I don't, and most definately last summer was crap, but the guts of it is I like it and most of the guys, not all but most, when pressed and daring to be politically incorrect will admit they like it too. Unfortunately they aren't too bothered about reading pprune so I guess I'm on my own on this forum.

11th Mar 2003, 09:45
Mr Ree, just for your information, 198 easyJet pilots have registered Usernames on PPRuNe and have been given access to the easyJet private forum. I am confident you can add quite a few more who have registered usernames but not requested access to the easyJet private forum and add even more who have not registered but do read PPRuNe.

If you want to quote statisitcs regarding how many of your colleagues read PPRuNe then please use verifiable and recorded data and not the fact that some of your fellow pilots do not necessarily like to admit to you that they read PPRuNe. It is my experience that many pilots do not like admitting to their colleagues that they read PPRuNe because of fears that they will somehow be targeted by someone higher up the food chain. Whilst these fears are usually unfounded, they remain a real problem for some. A bit like "if you show me yours, I'll show you mine" syndrome. no one wants to be the first to admit to reading these pages. :rolleyes:

In trim
11th Mar 2003, 12:16

I agree with what you have written, and clearly many eJ pilots do read PPRUNE. However, Mr Ree makes a good point, and highlights the fact that, WHATEVER THE AIRLINE, things are rarely quite as bad as the pages of PPRUNE appear.

Whether the thread is in relation to eJ, RYR, BA, or whoever, there will always be a small proportion of the workforce who are very prolific 'posters' (often with very valid reasons) which will inevitably give a negative view.

It's refreshing to see a positive post such as this. Good on yer Mr Ree.

14th Mar 2003, 10:26
easyJet board for rough ride? Er..... don't think so! Proposed Scarebus order and options nodded through just as expected!
Good luck to all existing and future side-stick jockeys.... and keep your wingtips off the tarmac!

14th Mar 2003, 15:03
Mr Ree,

How Refreshing !

Cheers ! :cool:

Capt. Reepicheap
14th Mar 2003, 16:09
Hear hear Mr Ree.

I've worked for many aviation organisations over the last 30 years and easyJet, even with all it's problems like rostering and crewing, is by far and away the best of the bunch. And I've worked for 'the world's favourite' and the CAA.

I've just finished 8 sectors in 2 days, each and every one departed and arrived ahead of schedule, and average load factor in the high eighties.

As for the rest of you who like to winge, fine it's your prerogative. Sometimes however it looks rather like 'autowinge', a favourite of the engineers working for the long gone Rothmans aerobatic team.

Capt. Reepicheap ..... small and furry, but armed and deadly.

14th Mar 2003, 16:23
Mr Ree

I thought only military pilots were allowed to take 'uppers'. Must be a secret supply hidden away in the Luton crewroom.

... and don't tell me you whistle on your way to work and carry a knapsack on your back!!!

lol ;)

Few Cloudy
15th Mar 2003, 11:21
None of it! Mr Ree and Capt Reepicheep make a Reefreshing change from the Grim Reeper aka Pilotofjet. or whatever allinonename he has chosen this week...:p

16th Mar 2003, 00:55
Mr Ree

Gota say thanks as well 4 ur ray of light. Most of my last 4+ years at EZY have been ****, but i'm still here.........

....... and the day i finally have enough I wont spend months moaning on about it, I'll hand in my notice and ?@&* off!


:p :D :p

16th Mar 2003, 02:08
:uhoh: An outbreak of morale at camp x-ray? surely not!! :ok:

Elmer the Monk
17th Mar 2003, 04:59
easy bashing seems to be very much in vogue at the moment. Some of the gripes are genuine, but many seem nothing more than pure incitement - and usually by the same familiar names. It's good to read some positive comments for a change.

What's the point in repeatedly moaning in public about your job or employer? It just makes you look a prat for putting up with it. If you're going to stay with the company then talk publically about the good points and save the complaints for those who give a fig. At least people won't think you foolish for working there. If you don't care what people think, then why burden us with what you think?

Let's have more happiness - this website's turning into the forum equivalent of "Eastenders"! (Highly depressing, though popular British TV soap, for all you non UK residents.)