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Vortex what...ouch!
19th Feb 2003, 11:50

Worth visiting the link for a read.

19th Feb 2003, 12:47

The old days of being 'Joe Pilot,' you know, John Wayne with the earphones on, fighting the controls to land the airplane in a storm -- forget that," Louis said. He now jokingly calls his son, also a pilot, a "professional typist."


Well, i am still fighting the controls to land the airplane in a storm.
And i am not a professional typist...as opposed to a ..........newspaper journalist !

cheers to them

22nd Feb 2003, 06:36
Oh, the glory days! Ahead or behind?

I remember enjoying mock turtle soup and cordon bleu in a world of red velvet and crisp linen while cruising around 100 ft msl at a brisk 31KT across the stormy Atlantic. A great way to travel; comfortable; and only 3 days and a bit from gate to gate. It seemed like something that could last forever as long as the icebergs and submarines stayed friendly.

On a westbound return leg in the same era, I flew as pax on a scheduled carrier DC8 with only three revenue seats in the main cabin, amid a vast field of empty headrests, overseen by 4 or 5 underutilized stews - though I did my best to chat them up.

As we know, aviation won that contest and grew amazingly over the recent 4 decades of commercial jet service.

But has the game changed again?

The long-haul ocean liners faded because they were incredibly labor-and resource intensive and relatively slow in accomplishing the core purpose of transportation. Yet some ones still orbit in balmy climes for a certain clientelle who enjoy the process as much as the product.

If you run out of other things to keep you awake at night (slim chance these days), ponder the suggestion that commercial aviation may be permanently growing less attractive to a large class of future fares for reasons tied to aesthetics, economics, and efficiency. Lurking in the background as a cheap and easy alternative for them is the rapidly expanding medium of electronic travel through individual and group conferencing on readily accessible networks, computers, and other proliferating high-tech information tools.

I hope someone here will skewer this bothersome hypothesis and definitively put it to rest.

Genghis the Engineer
22nd Feb 2003, 07:59
Skewer what, seems like a well written essay to me.

It points out that aviation has become more complex, and the crews less visible. The change in profile in cabin crew has changed with society in general, and that some older pilots don't like the transition from a more pure handling job to something closer to a systems management job - whilst still having to be highly trained, away from home a lot, and responsible.

As What Vortex said, an interesting read.


Agaricus bisporus
22nd Feb 2003, 11:42
Well written? I don't think so.

Good verbiage, but why this irritating, distracting and utterly idiotic layout of "one sentence per paragraph", or is it "one paragraph per sentence?" Whlst pilots have become more Professional over the last 50 years it is clear that journalists have not become more literate, far from it.






22nd Feb 2003, 14:55
I wish there were still hosties called Panter, though :)

Genghis the Engineer
23rd Feb 2003, 09:47
OK, fair point, I was looking at the arguments rather than the grammar.