View Full Version : Air Japan RJAA 34R excursion

15th Feb 2003, 02:07
Air Japan (All Nippon subsidiary) 763 had an overrun a few days ago at Narita on the short runway.

Not a bo peep out of anyone. Certainly nothing in the press. Assume it would have been otherwise if it had been a foreign airline.

Anyone any info??

15th Feb 2003, 08:35
heard of the incident via a mate in the airline- seems it was a senior Training Captain!

15th Feb 2003, 16:27
Too bad he didn't run off the other end and pay a visit to the farmer who blocks the runway expansion...

17th Feb 2003, 12:59
The Japanese media (Yomiuri and Yahoo Japan anyway) had a couple of articles on the overrun, but nothing on the tube.

It was a Charter flight ICN-NRT. :ouch: