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invalid entry
16th Jan 2002, 22:51
Been sent this:

With immediate effect the U.S. Department of State has introduced a supplemental visa application form.
The new form is to be completed by all male applicants between the ages of 16 and 45. It asks for a significant amount of additional information including details of previous employers, educational institutions attended, details of military service and alist of all countries visited over the past ten years.
Those crew who need to complete this form should allow extra time for the collection of the data required.

Anyone else think this is a bit odd. Looks like a great time for a 46 year old woman to try something untoward.

Willie Everlearn
16th Jan 2002, 23:00
I have recently heard that the FAA will no longer allow FAA Certificate Holders, who are not US Citizens, to renew their proficiency through a 6 month Part 121.441 checkride.
Has anyone anything further on this? If it's true, it really puts the cat among the pigeons.

Deep Cover Gecko
16th Jan 2002, 23:00
I agree it sounds rather odd Invalid Entry.
You'd think that with the Americans seeming so litigation conscious, they might have realised it appears rather discriminatory!!

16th Jan 2002, 23:59
I'm hoping to go and do some light aviation out there soon and wondered if there'd be any problem hiring an aircraft. Obviously not unless I have a sex change first! Might wait another few weeks until I'm 46 too.....

17th Jan 2002, 00:03
It is true. The states requires a check of all candidates that are renewing American licenses. The delay now is forty five days...and counting!
Good luck to all

neil armstrong
17th Jan 2002, 01:05
Does anybody know if there is a webside where i can find information on this subject??
I'm off to America in 1 month to revalidate my instructors rating(i hope)


17th Jan 2002, 01:28
Invalid Entry,

Your original post says "New US Visa for crew", is that what you mean, to obtain a crew visa for the US? That is a visa just to overnight in the US between flights? Or do you mean a business visa?

IF it is the actual crew visa, it seems a little extreme. Can imagine the paper work for most crew, in the last ten years some have probably been to most countries on Earth, a large percentage would have military service.

IF this is to do with terrorism it seems a funny way of going about it.

Best regards,


17th Jan 2002, 01:34
Rumors aside...contact your local US embassy/consular office, or the school you plan to attend...a special visa IS required for non-us citizens who are undertaking pilot training in the USA...think wht you like...consider all the recent occurences....and be understanding... <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <img src="redface.gif" border="0"> <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

17th Jan 2002, 03:09
Apparently the supplementary visa application form applies to ALL 16-45yo males applying for ANY visa (except for a few NATO, UN & diplomatic categories), and is not singling out either crew or students pilots.

It also seems that the visa waiver process is under threat, which isn't going to help the recovery of transatlantic loads.


From <a href="http://www.usvisanews.com/" target="_blank">USVisaNews.com</a>

[quote]On January 11th, a Department of State cable announced a new requirement for ALL male non-immigrant applicants between the ages of 16 and 45. This cable introduced a new form called the Supplemental Non-Immigrant Visa Application (Form DS-157), and stated it would be a required component of the non-immigrant visa application process for all male non-immigrants in this broad age range, regardless of nationality. The next day, a follow-up cable clarified that there will be a narrow pool of applicants excluded from this requirement which will consist of A and G visa applicants and NATO applicants (other than those in the A-3, G-5 and NATO-7 classifications). <hr></blockquote>

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17th Jan 2002, 19:03
I've just been talking to the FAA about this one. I spoke to a very nice operations inspector chap at the New York field office (001 718 553 0986) and asked how I stood as a non-US citizen holding an FAA ATP with regard to hiring an aircraft. Absolutely no problem, he said, there are no extra measures in place, all I have to do is a check ride. So there we go. Next stop the travel agents.

17th Jan 2002, 19:34

<a href="http://www.usembassy.org.uk/cons_web/visa/niv/add_males.htm" target="_blank">http://www.usembassy.org.uk/cons_web/visa/niv/add_males.htm</a>

Adobe download:

<a href="http://www.usconsulate.org.hk/whatsnew.htm" target="_blank">http://www.usconsulate.org.hk/whatsnew.htm</a>