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3rd Feb 2003, 12:54
Just watching a full emergency at EIDW rwy 28. Fire services attending and passengers on the grass verge.

No details as to the cause. No visible fire or smoke.


3rd Feb 2003, 13:12
CFMU advz airport closed for at least an hour

3rd Feb 2003, 13:41
Which airport is that ?

Good luck to them !!!

3rd Feb 2003, 13:47
EIDW = Dublin

Hope all is ok.

3rd Feb 2003, 13:51

(14:24) A Ryanair aircraft has had to make an emergency landing at Dublin Airport. The flight was a Ryanair flight FR 506 from Dublin to Bristol.

The plane landed safely at around 1pm. The aircraft had to be evacuated and its emergency chutes were deployed. The airport's fire and police services attended the scene.

The pilot was notified by cabin crew of the smell of smoke in the cabin.

As a precaution the aircraft made turnaround and returned to Dublin airport where it landed safely. No fire was found.

All 120 pasengers disembarked via emergrency chutes were bussed back to the terminal were due to take a second flight departing at 2.15pm today.

The aircraft has been removed from service to undergo a full technical inspection.

3rd Feb 2003, 15:37
hope no damned journos invite comparisons from "doomed pax" with STS-107... would be very tempted to a violent confrontation with said journo.

Mach Buffet
3rd Feb 2003, 18:00
According to a passenger being interviewed on RTE earlier, passengers evacuating via the overwing exits were being told to go back in to the aircraft and exit via the main chutes by the Aer Rianta fire crews that arrived at the scene.

Is this true?

Jet A1
3rd Feb 2003, 19:27
Mark D - Bad form mate !

3rd Feb 2003, 20:19
I doubt passengers would be told to evacuate via another exit. Well done to all concerned, seems like a text book job. Smoke smelt by cabin crew who inform Captain. Diverted back to nearby airfield, full emergency, full evacuation with all chutes.

Departures Beckham
3rd Feb 2003, 22:29
If it is of any concern to anyone, I understand the aircraft involved was EICKS:


4th Feb 2003, 09:47

not like that kind of thing hasn't happened before :(

4th Feb 2003, 11:27
One wonders why pax evacuating the aircraft didnt slide down the wings following the markings there just outside the o/wing exits. It's still some height but with the flaps fully extended, should be easily done especially if trying to escape danger.
As for it being a "distinctly amateur" performance from the cabin crew..... Well the forward doors on a 737 are vey heavy and difficult to open in normal operations never mind with the added drag of an attached emergency chute. Cabin crew did the right thing by re-directing the pax away from an-unusable exit. Everybody got out ok. Lets remember that.

4th Feb 2003, 12:03
It occurs to me that arm chair judgements might be better tempered by consideration of the time line in which the actual events occurred.

It is possible that the decision to perform an emergency evacuation was done in a proactive manner, as well the in-process decision to reroute passengers to overwing exits.

As time progressed and the ground emergency folks determined that the risk was suffciently mitigated, they again rerouted some passengers from the no longer needed but less agile evacuation route of the wing back into the cabin. Somewhere along the line I'm sure that they neded to get ground emergency folks into the cabin for better assessment (hence a need to clear the aisles of confused passengers).

I'm not saying that all this happened, but at least it keeps me from making harsher and possibly unwaranted judgements.

Human Factor
4th Feb 2003, 12:07
It's still some height but with the flaps fully extended, should be easily done especially if trying to escape danger.

The 737 RTO drill involves the P2 lowering full flap as the aircraft slows.:cool:

4th Feb 2003, 16:20
Is there anyone out there with any factual info?
Be interesting to know
How many pax
How many FAs
How long after touch-down did they start the evac
How many slides deployed
How long did it take to evacuate all the pax
Any evacuation-related injuries

Maximum, I have printed your post as a reminder to myself.

Buster the Bear
4th Feb 2003, 18:25
EI-CKS operated out of Ryanair's Luton base last week, the aircraft would most likely to of had a service and an oil change on Sunday.

How do I know this, daddy Buster and little brother Buster flew to/from Dublin for the day in it on Saturday Feb 1st!

4th Feb 2003, 21:22

The post you refer to was posted by Maxiumus to whom I am in no way connected! Please do not confuse us. :)

Many thanks, Maximum. :O

5th Feb 2003, 02:53
From BBC News Online:-
Passengers injured escaping plane

Several passengers were injured when they were forced to evacuate a Ryanair flight by emergency chutes, as the plane started to fill with smoke. Flight FR 506 had just left Dublin on Monday bound for Bristol when smoke started to fill the cabin.

All 120 passengers on board the Boeing 737 got out and the injured were taken to hospital.

No fire was detected on board and the passengers taken to hospital were later discharged.

Speaking on BBC Radio Bristol, one passenger said: "We had taken off and were getting up to height when the plane just dropped.

"It was like being on a roller coaster."

Another said: "The aircraft smelt funny during take-off.
"Then there was smoke in the main cabin. The flight deck were not aware of the problem until a hostesses went up and had a word.

"There was some panic as the smoke got heavier and it got harder to breathe," he added.

The plane has been taken out of service and is undergoing a full inspection.