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30th Jul 2001, 17:09
Just wondering:
ZRH calls it self an airport with a construction site. In my opinion it's a construction site with an airport operation. How do you perceive it? Do you have any problems finding the right gate?- figuring out the taxi operations. How about the controllers? Frankly I had a mess there.
Thanks for your thoughts.

F/O Junior
30th Jul 2001, 18:04
Going in and out of ZRH on a daily basis costs quite some nerves.
The gates aren't that hard to find, although the numbers don't make sense.
Taxiways change also quite often, but this is normal with a constructions site this big.
The big problem starts with Apron and Ground control. There are some folks, who are able to create a huge mess in a matter of minutes.
But be happy, you didn't had to drive to the airport or go home after work. That tops all! Compared to that, operations on the tarmac are a walk in the park.
The name says it all : UNIQUE ...

30th Jul 2001, 21:04
Don't worry folks, if the weather stays good like this, they'll have the midfield terminal complete, 2 extra floors on the car park built by...errm next year. My big problem is getting into or off the ground after 2100hrs local - bit of a nightmare due to the noise restrictions and unlikely to improve short-term. Had a 30 min inbound hold a couple of months ago. It was just like being back at LHR!

Greg Boyington
30th Jul 2001, 21:51
If you want to avoid a nervous breakdown, the best is to be ready to go before 20h30 LT.
Later you get rwy 34 for take-off as the landing rwy is 16.
It's always a pain to make fair pax announcements describing the situation (1 to 1,5 hours of delays)