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25th Jan 2003, 00:18
The scoop is some sick/suicidal goof in China detonated a home made bomb on a small plane.

The quote:

"BEIJING (Reuters) - A would-be hijacker has detonated homemade explosives on board a plane in China, injuring himself and another passenger, before an in-flight security guard subdued him, the official Xinhua news agency says."

It seems that the word "before" means:
he detonated the bomb first and after that was subdued so he could not hijack the plane.

Tell me if I need to polish up on my english. :)
(easy now :))

How did he made it onto the craft with the bloody explosives?
The report says 10 or 11 pax were on board therefore it would not be so tough to screen those folks at the airport... I guess the ground check/security in China counts on the flight marshals to take care of the business. If... they survive the blast...

Anyway, here is the Reuters writeup: