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22nd Jan 2003, 06:23
On monday a medical rescue helicopter crashed near Uelzen in northern Germany. It was a Boelkow Bo 105 owned and operated by the german automotive club ADAC. While the pilot and the co where rescued, one emergency physician was killed when he couldnīt get out of the helicopter sinking into a channel and drowned in the wreakage, leaving a wife and a four week old child behind.

The sadest fact about all this, was the crash was caused by the pilot flying under a little more than 5 meter (16 ft) high bridge.

For those able to read german, here is a link to a local Newspaper Report (http://www.allgemeine-zeitung-uelzen.de/texte.php4?R=LokAZ#1)

condolences to all involved :(

22nd Jan 2003, 07:40
What a terrible and unnecessary waste of a life.

There was about 5 metres clearance under the bridge and the aircraft was nearly 4 metres high. The pilot actually got away with going under the bridge, but a skid caught on the ice. The doctor was trapped by his clothes, and drowned.

What on earth was in the pilot's mind?

22nd Jan 2003, 13:50
How can you protect people from stupid stunts like that? My deepest sympathy for the relatives and friends.:(

22nd Jan 2003, 17:23
Very sad indeed! What's this pilot's experience? I am not a rotorhead, but this doesn't sound like professional behaviour.

22nd Jan 2003, 18:05
Very sad.

There is an online German to English convertor available at


Then enter the URL of the German online newspaper from the link above and it will translate the page.



23rd Jan 2003, 06:42
According to the news report, pilot Jens-Olaf Strecker was moonlighting at Euroheli as a stunt pilot in violation of ADAC employment rules. So I guess this was not the first time he executed this manouver. Probably would have got away with it had he not snagged an ice flow with his skid.

23rd Jan 2003, 07:30
German newspaper report this pilot as a former military heli-pilot, now with ADAC rescue heli department since 10 months.
Reminds me to that recent crash of a Bell UH-D1 also in northern Germany, also in use as a rescue heli, because of the (remaining alc later found) pilot made a (turning very fast) maneuvre which was reported as "exceeding the limits" of that type of heli.
Poor little baby (mother), lost its father (husband) because of a complete stupid action of someone else. . .:mad: