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12th Jan 2003, 14:31
According to today's Sunday Times (Business Section) yet another MyTravel Director is 'leaving'. This time it's Mike Lee, CEO of the Airline. There won't be many tears shed!

13th Jan 2003, 13:56

MyTravel Group plc
10 January 2003

MyTravel Group plc Board Change

The Board of MyTravel Group plc announces that Mike Lee, Chief Executive, MyTravel Aviation, will leave the Company immediately following the Company'sAnnual General Meeting on 20th March 2003. He will cease to be a director ofthe Company from that date. He will continue to undertake his current responsibilities until that time.


This information is provided by RNS - the company news service from the London Stock Exchange.

Ed's babe
14th Jan 2003, 11:56
Lucky sod

fat pay off

fat pension

and for the rest of us

months/years of uncertainty

followed by redundancy

14th Jan 2003, 12:08
doesn't sound good after learning of the situation one of their reps is in.

I was in austria over xmas and heard about one of their reps who had no money, no place to cook food in the place that was rented for her, expenses were taking ages to come through. She was not looking forward to xmas day. Reps from other companys were lending her cash to help her out.

I have horrible feeling this is yet another symptom. :(

14th Jan 2003, 15:27
...on BBC City News this morning(14/1), stated that Cresta Holidays for sale. Anyone got 40m?

Mr Angry from Purley
15th Jan 2003, 18:31
What goes around comes around.
That said guess folk in Mosside more interested to know
what will happen to his charming P.A.........
:mad: :mad:

15th Jan 2003, 19:06
Id say if Bushy andR **H*** are hard at it.
M* T*avel will hit the fan!

16th Jan 2003, 13:23
What a load of C*** gets put around at times. ML has worked hard at MYT but we can't all be popular! I for one am sorry to see him go.

As for Cresta of course we need to sell off some of the crown jewels but at least we have some to sell!

Yes it may all hit the fan if George W goes to war but as I said on another thread it won't just be us! It will be bad for the whole industry so let us all hope George W does not go to war!

As for the MYT rep in Austria, if you send me the details I will take it up with the company and find out the truth! So far we have had no problems with expences or salaries in the company and I doubt this is a sympton of anything other than the same sort of poor line management that you find at times in any company of our size!