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29th Jul 2001, 05:02
In a strange turn of advents Comair’s management released a statement stating that after the strike their main aircraft the Canadair CL-600-2B19 Regional Jet has become surprisingly more fuel-efficient. Canadair (the aircraft’s manufacture) researched this surprising change that Comair has noticed and explains this phenomenon occurring due to the CL-600 design being based on a corporate jet who’s pilots are paid a significant amount more. The extra pennies the pilots are able to carry due to the increased income increases the weight in the front portion of the aircraft improving the aircrafts balance, and reducing drag. When Comair was paying their pilots such a little amount the aircraft where normally tail heavy, which would make for a less efficient cruise. ALPA’s spokesman said ‘The increased pay is paying for itself in the amount of fuel now being saved’. Other airlines are looking into the findings made by Comair however they have not made a move let. An unnamed Skywest pilot said ‘This has been discussed a lot in our airline, however for the time being management are just giving us extra peanuts hoping to increase the weight that way’.
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29th Jul 2001, 15:26
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