View Full Version : Alliance Air technicians seriously injured at Indira Gandhi International Airpor

8th Jan 2003, 03:32
It is understood that around 3 p.m., a Sahara Airlines coach bearing the Airports Authority of India number SAL-PC 003 hit the two Alliance Air technicians, Fakirchand Verma and R.M. Yadav, while negotiating a bend.

The accident, sources said, occurred next to the Aircraft Parking Bay No. 3 while the technicians were going about their routine work. The Sahara Airlines passenger coach is said to have come around the curve at a high speed and hit the two technicians. There was no passengers in the coach. Both the technicians were thrown a fair distance. After administering first aid, IGIA officials shifted them to the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre at Vasant Kunj.

Mr. Yadav, a former foreman with Indian Airlines and now on contract with Alliance Air, was unconscious until late at night. It is learnt that while he suffered multiple fractures in his ribs, doctors were checking whether he had suffered any internal bleeding to identify the cause for his unconsciousness. Mr. Verma was said to be in a better state. Apart from a rib fracture, he sustained injuries on his nose and eyes. On the basis of his statement, the police later arrested the Sahara Airlines coach driver, Suresh Kumar, for rash and negligent driving.

The tale gets murkier. Initial investigations have revealed that Suresh's airport driving permit was impounded on December 19 last year for rash driving. Confirming this, the Airport Director, P.S. Nair, said: "He should not have been driving in that case. The airline concerned ought to have monitored that. We will inquire into the incident and take necessary action.''

The minimum speed to be observed at IGIA is 30 km per hour. Suresh is suspected to have been driving much faster than this as indicated by the tyre marks on the tarmac. The police have even taken pictures of this and a senior officer added that the charges against Suresh could get serious if Mr. Yadav's condition does not stabilise by Tuesday.

8th Jan 2003, 09:10
Well if "The minimum speed to be observed at IGIA is 30 km per hour" then what's the problem? If he was going faster he wasn't breaking the law, if he went slower then he would be.

Bob Upndown
8th Jan 2003, 09:41
Am in DEL right now.

As it seems that most people here get their licences at the bottom of a cereal packet, incidents like this are commonplace on the roads. Amazing to think that the standards of driving accepted on the roads are allowed exist airside.

That said, hopefully IGIA will now enforce speed limits and correct driving standards (bet they would if an IA plane had been hit).

Hope the chaps hit make a full and speedy recovery.