View Full Version : B777 Wing Tip Incident at ZRH.

5th Jan 2003, 20:31
Does anybody knows about the incident in Zuerich.
It happened around 1230 UTC(Sunday)
Apparently the aircraft knocked into a ground vehicle or was it
the a ground vehicle knocked into the aircraft.
Sure hate to be in that Commander's shoes.:(

5th Jan 2003, 21:22
Apparently, the B777 started to move while the deicing procedure on the deicing pad for RWY 16 was still in progress and damaged its wing as well as two deicing trucks by doing so. Aircraft taxied back to gate, pax disembarked and flight cancelled; authorities investigating.

5th Jan 2003, 22:30

Much oblige for the expeditious response.

By the way, which airline was it?

Any idea on the extent of damage incured?

It must have been one heluva F#@%ing bad trip for the crew.


6th Jan 2003, 00:18
The airline involved was Malaysia. The trucks were thought to be repairable within a few hours, so one might think the damage inflicted wasn't that extensive.
Still, I agree that the crew probably couldn't really appreciate the glittering looks of the freshly fallen snow on the landscape (first during this winter!)...

Gute Nacht!

6th Jan 2003, 01:02
Does anybody else out there has anything to add.

Sweet Dreams MM.

Sultan Ismail
6th Jan 2003, 01:45
Well one thing is for sure, we will not being seeing a report in the "New Straits Times".

Can't knock Dr. M off the front page, or page 2, or page 3, or

Now if it had been Singapore Airlines....

Few Cloudy
6th Jan 2003, 09:00
It's a shame this had to happen now that ZRH uses stereo de-icing from mobile trucks. This is the fastest de-icing method - pioneered in CPH and heaps better than expensive rigs - which use type 1 fluid (and only spray from above).

Every airline should have a written checklist for being deiced, however. Things like putting back on the air conditioning systems and rechecking stab, flap settings for T/O as well as checking ALL CLEAR before taxying wouldn't then get missed.

In CPH the de-icer used to inform the crew via VHF of type of de-icing - time of starting and completion - also when all clear to taxy on. Ground crews live a dangerous life and we should be very aware of their presence round our aircraft.

6th Jan 2003, 09:00
Some of these "Truly Asia" airlines are so tight on fuel, they don't have time to wait longer in the de-icing bay!!! ;)

8th Jan 2003, 23:48
Latest update.

According to a lady, who happens to be on board the aircraft,
it was a communication problem. To many frequency change.
As a matter of fact, it was in the local newspapers.

Well I suppose we'll have to wait for the investigators to
complete their job.;)

Robert Vesco
9th Jan 2003, 09:55
Mmmm, frequency changes reported by a lady sitting on board this 777. I wonder whether this lady was part of the flt crew, sitting in the jump seat, or whether she was a Blick tabloid īreporterī just sitting in the back with the rest of the SLF and had no clue what was going on ? :D

I do admit that ZRH (especially to foreign crews not very familiar) can be a bit chaotic with 121.8 (clearance) , 121.75 (apron) , 121.85 (apron, just to taxi H1, D, F, hold short of 28 :rolleyes: )130.37 (de-icing) and 121.9 (ground) in use just to taxi arround this relatively small airport.

9th Jan 2003, 10:40
pictures here --> scroll down a bit (http://www.flightforum.ch/newforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=72259#post72259)

background info (in german) (http://www.flightforum.ch/newforum/showthread.php?threadid=10353)


9th Jan 2003, 12:02
De-Icing procedures at different airports can be a problem at times. Several years ago at Mirabelle apt. in Canada...a Royal Air Maroc 747 failed to communicate with the deicing crew, began taxiing. The result was a service vehicle flipped over and one death. It's very important to make sure the procedures are in place before going out there for the spray job.

10th Jan 2003, 06:45
Hi Ya'll,

Left wink, you've got nice teeth and I like the way your eye balls
The lady happens to be an SLF who happens to report to "the powers that be".

Herr Lamer, danke fill mall for the photos.

777AV8R, I cannot agree with you more with regards to the
"Spray Job"!!!

La Saluto!:)