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14th Sep 2001, 09:35
In April, the Air Line Pilots Association warned pilots about incidents in which burglars broke into hotel rooms and stole all or part of pilots' uniforms and their credentials.

An official at the pilots union now said there are fears that the thefts might have been part of a pattern linked to an organized terrorist plot. Among the fears is that such credentials could be used to get a seat in a "jump seat," the extra seat in a cockpit.

In Rome, on April 6, both a pilot and flight attendant's rooms were burglarized and the pilot's passport, airline ID, airline keys and driver's license were taken from a room safe that had been ripped off the wall, according to the bulletin to pilots. Two weeks later, in Portland, Ore., a pilot's hotel room was burglarized while he slept, and his uniform and credentials were stolen.

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