View Full Version : Airport Security Guard Charges Dropped -- Metal Detector finds Surgical Instrument

19th Dec 2002, 18:07
Cops vs. Security and Metal Detector trips up the Surgeon

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Wednesday, December 18, 2002 space
-- Sandra Brown Turner was earning $9.53 an hour as a security guard at Pearson Airport, just outside Toronto. And she had the temerity to stop a police officer in uniform crossing through her checkpoint. Oh, perhaps she was concerned about terrorism -- it was nine days after that Sept. 11 -- but in the eyes of the officer she had transgressed. Later he would say, among other things, that her tone of voice was inappropriate.

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Her 15-month fight ends in victory

By Colin Freeze, Tuesday, December 17, 2002

BRAMPTON, ONT. -- Sandra Brown Turner, an airport security guard who was arrested after trying to check a police officer's identification, has been vindicated by the courts after a 15-month fight to prove she was just doing her job.

Airport Metal Detector finds Surgical Instrument (http://globeandmail.com/servlet/GIS.Servlets.HTMLTemplate?current_row=1&tf=tgam/search/tgam/SearchFullStory.html&cf=tgam/search/tgam/SearchFullStory.cfg&configFileLoc=tgam/config&encoded_keywords=retractor&option=&start_row=1&start_row_offset1=&num_rows=1&search_results_start=1&query=retractor)
Lost and found

Wednesday, December 18, 2002
-- Many Canadians will be carrying around an extra kilogram or two this season, but a Regina woman carried more than she realized. Four months after abdominal surgery at Regina General Hospital, and a few days after setting off an airport metal detector, she had her stomach X-rayed. It turned out someone had forgotten to remove a surgical retractor, a device that keeps incisions open during operations