View Full Version : First time UK ATCO application

11th Dec 2002, 11:33
Hi all. I really need some help and advice. I'm just aboput to send in my application as a trainee ATCO and could do with any info/advice on how to get throught the selection day/interviews if I get that far. I would welcome book suggestions website addresses, and any personal advice anyone could give me.

My other main concern is that the NATS mainly wants applicants under 30. I've just turned 30 a week ago, so could do with some advice here too.

Thanks in advance.

Dances with Boffins
11th Dec 2002, 12:41

This is a site oft quoted here on tips for NATS applicants. Best tip, get out there and visit some NATS units [Swanwick and Southampton are nearest] if possible, but any ATC unit [Exeter or Bristol] if you can't get far enough east.
Don't give up the day job for now, as you won't even be starting at the college for at least 18 months. Good Luck. Post here to let us all know how you fare. :)

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