View Full Version : emergency at Stansted on the 29th

1st Dec 2002, 08:55
anyone know what this was all about, caused some diversions and ATC very cagey - 'people have ears'!

1st Dec 2002, 11:05

I was on frequency when the pan call was made, roughly at or about 18:50.

Chap announced an engine out and announced single pilot IFR with six? SOB. Also asked for a radar vector to Southend.

I must say he seemed cool enough.

Hope he got down without too much stress.

1st Dec 2002, 16:10
Landed at STN just after emergency was declared. Tower was ready for inbound Bis Jet and alll landings and take-offs afterours were canx. Fire trucks positioned at holding points. Conditions were marginal CAT 1. A/c called lights at around 100 feet. Landed without problem. Fire crews stood down, end of story.

2nd Dec 2002, 19:54
Good news, and well done to the guy in the hot seat.