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27th Nov 2002, 15:58
Just found out that our CP (MK) will not be available during the integration of Go into eJ on December 9th since he will be on leave in New Zealand. I went to see him with some concerns and the answer was I am not responsible since I will be out of the country at that time.

I am really concerned about a smooth integration of both airlines and can already foresee major AOG's on the morning of the 10th.

How does eJ expect to integrate 27 aircraft onto their AOC and SOP's overnight with no proper command structure in place?

Is this an example of what is to come?

27th Nov 2002, 17:17
There's no reason to believe that the absence of any particular person or persons on Joint AOC day will make one iota of difference :p .

27th Nov 2002, 17:41
Agree entirely!

The AOC is just a piece of paper recognising what has been achieved.

A post holder could be on another planet on the day in question and it wouldn't matter a jot.

Don't understand the 'not my responsibility' bit at all.

This should be on the company forum anyway.

27th Nov 2002, 19:58
Wow...!!!! You could make a fortune if your able to foresee AOG's on certain dates....I'm back at work on Friday, how's it looking around LGW ?!!!http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/blah.gif

27th Nov 2002, 21:16
Tech snags must now be written up 24hrs in advance providing they are fixed before they break!!

Not looking good for Friday !!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

28th Nov 2002, 07:25
If he has done his job properly and trusts the people who work for him it is a good time to go. If it all turns to rat **** in the first week he will need a new job anyway. If it goes well, he needs a break before the next crisis hits.

28th Nov 2002, 16:10
Why should the day of integration have any more AOG's than the day before?
Who looks after the Go fleet at STN? FLS.
Who looks after the easy fleet at LTN, LPL, GVA, NCE? FLS/easyTech
Who looks after the easy fleet at LGW, BFS, EDI, GLA? FLS

Plenty of continuity there methinks.

Aviation Trainer too
28th Nov 2002, 16:15
Isn't MK leaving as well after the merger???

Other than that agree with the above posts.. the planes will not fly differant before, during or after the take over.

The things to worry about seem to have adressed already
SOPs re-trained
MX same contracter so should be no problem
Routes well see Go at Easy routes and Easy at Go routes so that should be ok..

Then again if posted like above by Ezysleasy the tabloids will probably make some thing like this:


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