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shake n bake
24th Nov 2002, 18:03
Does anybody know for sure whats going on at Euroceltic ? Remaining Fk27s grounded. White F50s operating most flights. A number of flights cancelled. Pilots fired..... On top of the recent accident this does not look good.

Kalium Chloride
24th Nov 2002, 18:58
Euroceltic was, I believe, bringing in additional Fokker 50 capacity as of last week. If it's grounding the F27s (which I haven't heard) would this be related to the Sligo incident?

24th Nov 2002, 20:11
ECY agreed not to operate the F27's after the SXL accident - it would have had its AOC suspended if this descision wasn't made.

It's future - Well my guess is, if the IAA will approve them, the operation will become WAT based operating on an Irish AOC.

shake n bake
24th Nov 2002, 23:18
The granting of a JAA AOC is complex, and I'd be suprised if the Irish will speed the process. No aircraft, no AOC, its that simple. What aircraft are ECY operating ? Bringing in Fk50 capacity is wet-leasing, and as such are not ECY aircraft. How long will the CAA give them to pull a rabbit out of the hat before they suspend their certificate ?

The 5Q
24th Nov 2002, 23:48
What's left of Euroceltic are due to make an announcement in the next few days (looks like Euroceltic & Newair have become one)

This gives ECY 3 Newair F50's (OYMMS, OYEBB, OYEBG) its also seems like they have finally completed the deal to buy Aer Lingus
four remaining F50's.

Who will do what and how I dont know, but maybe this announcement will explain all or confuse more.


25th Nov 2002, 10:18
Why would Celtics AOC for the F27 be taken away after a single runway overun? Can't imagine the AOC for an operators 737's being taken away if a similar one off incident happened to them! Could someone please clarify to a lowly PPL holder. :)

Kirks gusset
25th Nov 2002, 10:21
Considering the charlatans that fed off the company at the start it's not surprising that the Irish management should want to ditch the UK connection, and move toward another solution for the AOC.

What's happened to the crews isn't nice, but it's an indication of where things are moving towards.

Lets face it, if the management had said you can keep your jobs but be Ireland based, there would have been 101 reasons why this could'nt happen, exactly as there was when they first considered an IAA AOC, followed by talks of personal financial compensation from an already overstretched budget.

Provided the pilots don't get stitched up on their pay, good luck to the rest of the company, lets hope it continues for the sake of the rest of the good people left working there, and if only to prove the vultures that feed of this site wrong.


25th Nov 2002, 12:20
FWIW, I noticed thst the Dublin/Sligo flight last night was cancelled.

the flying scot
25th Nov 2002, 16:58
ECY had good intentions of operating the flight. They had subbed it out to another carrier(which they have lost quite a lot of money doing over the last couple of weeks) but unfortuneately the other carrier had a tech problem upon arrival in Sligo. Not good for ECY or the other carrier. Lots of money lost by both parties and quite a few upset pax, but that's aviation for you!!!

25th Nov 2002, 22:06
Apparently Euroceltic are talking to Manston about operating Manston/AMS and Manston/EDI services. Manston obviously very keen as would give them their first pax schedule service.

26th Nov 2002, 11:18
Manston - Edinburgh in a F50?? You must be having a laugh.

Anyway, Mama are due to start that route early next year... ;)

Oscar Duece
26th Nov 2002, 13:44
Mama, now that is a bl@@dy laugh.

Euroceltic are an airline, not just a pipe dream. :D

26th Nov 2002, 17:55
Just passing on what I was told, Roper, from a source who should know what he's talking about.

26th Nov 2002, 21:02
I see Marketing/Commercial @ ECY are still living on another planet then!!!!!.... http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/mica/Miscalien.gif

26th Nov 2002, 21:09
:confused: As I do with a regular theme on this forum, its time to look stupid again, who are Euroceltic.?????

Press Button B
26th Nov 2002, 21:51
Who are Euroceltic? From what I can gather from this and the other main ECY thread.....

Euroceltic are a UK AOC-holding airline owned by an irish consortium, have no currently operational aircraft (two parked F27's, one of which was damaged in an incident in Sligo in October) and have reportedly served notice on their flight crews (is this correct?). They hold the contracts for two government-subsidised domestic Irish routes and also operate Waterford to Dublin, Liverpool and Luton. With no operational aircraft, all ECY services are operated by wet-lease Fokker 50's from Danish operator New Air and ad hoc flight-specific lease-in's from other airlines. They are rumoured (and this is a rumour forum!) to be in talks with New Air with a view to a closer relationship, how deep time will tell. It has been reported that they are in the process of buying four ex Aer Lingus Fokker 50's but seem to have issues with with getting them onto their UK AOC.

Have I missed anything?

27th Nov 2002, 09:31
Check out http://www.euroceltic.com/ if you are really interested. Otherwise, they are a regional carrier operating out of Ireland, but have their head office in Luton, UK. They are letting all of their F27 guys go, they are on 3 months notice. They are changing their fleet to an all F50 type.
Hope this helps:)

28th Nov 2002, 22:35
Euroceltic originally started three or four years ago by a wealthy guy named Diran (forget last name) of Eastern European origin with homes in Waterford and Esher. Had originally provided the initial funding for Celtic Airways which was planning to operate from a base in Sheffield flying Dash 7s as a Sabena franchise Cork/Sheffield/Brussels and Teeside/Brussels. Later decided that he wanted to start an airline to operate flights from Waterford to Luton ... so he could get from his home in Ireland to London quicker than by existing routings ... sure recipe for failure!!