View Full Version : Condor problem pax ?

23rd Nov 2002, 13:56
Coming up the Bay of Biscay a couple of hours ago working Brest, I heard a Condor flight requesting diversion to Gatwick due to 1 or 2 "unruly passengers". Crew then elected to go to Frankfurt instead. Hope the individual(s) involved get hit for the full cost !


23rd Nov 2002, 16:01
Story we heard was that they were trying to get into the cockpit. Probably a drink problem which I thought we Brits had a monopoly on unfortunately.

23rd Nov 2002, 20:06
What aircraft was this on and what was the flight?:confused:

23rd Nov 2002, 20:16
Can't remember the callsign, but it was at approx. 1230 UTC on Brest freq.