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16th Nov 2002, 11:43
Quote from earlier post.


FIREFIGHTERS, security guards and other workers at
seven airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick, are
to stage six one-day strikes in a dispute over pay.

The Transport and General Workers Union said its
members will walk out on November 28, December 2,
10, 15 and 23 and January 2.

The airports - Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted,
Southampton, Aberdeen, Glasgow and
Edinburgh - will not be able to operate
on strike days, said the TGWU's national
officer Tim Lyle.

Mr Lyle said he hoped the strikes could be averted,
and maintained that BAA could afford to increase its
offer after making big profits this year.

Workers felt frustrated at the offer, given their
increased workloads and responsibilities following
the September 11 outrage, he added.

Can somebody answer me this.

Will these airports mentioned above be excepting aircraft
or not, and if not will airlines from the State's, Europe
and beyond be still sending aircraft with the intention
of diverting them to other UK airports not involved in the dispute???

16th Nov 2002, 12:38
If they do re-direct traffic to non-affected airports,
it will be a very busy time at MAN (as well as others).

Better roster more staff for those days!!


16th Nov 2002, 13:17

Do you really mean "excepting" or do you mean "accepting"? The difference between the two is considerable.

16th Nov 2002, 17:59
My gf is going ORK-LHR [EI] LHR-YOW [AC] on Dec.2 so any clues as to what likely scenario is would be welcome...

16th Nov 2002, 23:08
;) theres plenty of room at ema and if any dishy guys need a bed for the night???????:D

16th Nov 2002, 23:34
Very simple for the airports concerned...simply fire the lot and bring in the Military for fire cover. Hire the malcontents back on a contract basis, to be dismissed at any time they step out of line.

Margaret T, basic ops.:D

16th Nov 2002, 23:41

I meant accepting.

Thanks for pointing that out.

I know I can't spell.

17th Nov 2002, 00:49
Bring them all to Teesside :D

Anthony Carn
17th Nov 2002, 09:02
faultygoods -- assuming that you're a "she"...........

I enjoy photography too ! Please send a sample ! Don't mind if you're faulty, as long as you're good ! ;) ;)

As for all these strikes, it looks like Labour's policies are finally coming to fruition, as usual. OUT next election, I reckon !

18th Nov 2002, 19:13
Can nobody from LHR or LGW comment on this :rolleyes:

19th Nov 2002, 05:04

<<Very simple for the airports concerned...simply fire the lot and bring in the Military for fire cover. Hire the malcontents back on a contract basis, to be dismissed at any time they step out of line>>

Trouble is our Tone is about to fire all the country's standard fireman - and replace them with the military.

And he needs the military for Dubya's upcoming antics in the Gulf.


23rd Nov 2002, 00:53
6 days to go, hello is the anybody out there.

23rd Nov 2002, 08:39
I am supposed to be operating from the middle east to London Heathrow arriving on the 28th! Looks like a substantial amount of extra fuel will be needed in order to make sure we can either hold or divert as necessary - Barbados sounds about right!!!!!

23rd Nov 2002, 08:53
EGCC my expererience of Manchester is it can hardly cope on a good day,its potential for taking many diversions is extremely limited by ground handling constraints.I remember diverting there from LGW many years ago and having to wait 3 hours to get my bags and pax offloaded.Should this situation arise I would suggest the government cancel all internal flights and provide military fire cover (by legal dispensation if necessary) from military airfields.LHR , LGW and GLA need to be kept open as national arteries I would suggest the remaining BAA airports could be allowed to close. Hopefuly the plod can provide security cover at those airports deemed necessary to remain open in the national interest.

23rd Nov 2002, 10:27
Quote : "Fire the lot and bring in the military"

Great in theory, but the RAF firefighters are all tied up on the streets at the moment. ( I wouldn't have thought that the Army and RN firefighters would be able to cover the airports - although correct me if I'm wrong ).

Loads of the forces guys and gals currently covering the strikers have only just returned from overseas tours in the Gulf or Balkans, without leave.

I bet they'd love the opportunity to strike given their meagre wages and dangers they face ! :rolleyes:

I'd like to see the strikers ( although I agree they do deserve 30K - I just don't agree with the strike ) sent out to cover for the forces in the Gulf and line-up against Saddam !

23rd Nov 2002, 11:01
Word on the street here at LHR is Kent International is a favourite. Dahnamargate!

Out Of Trim
23rd Nov 2002, 13:45
Rumour Control ~ Latest word is that Stansted may be closed during the dispute and working staff / flights sent to LHR, LGW and possibly LTN to keep them open and running as best they can.

Anyone else have any information to corroborate this rumour? :eek:

Indiana Jones
23rd Nov 2002, 18:51
Talks broke down last night, so 28th at this time does not look good. The airlines have told BAA that they need to know by Monday lunchtime at the latest if its strike or no strike, so that contigency plans are in place for Thursday. It will be no good whatsoever if BAA turn around late Wednesday night advising that there is no strike, with crews all over the place and busses ordered.
On that subject, who should pay for the upheaval and costs associated with a reorganised airline operation?? BAA?? TGWU?? Surely after 9/11 the airlines need to get tough with these people and surely they have a just case to sue BAA and TGWU.
This brings in to mind another issue.....isnt it about time that one of the three major SE airports be given to another airport operator, all the airline eggs are in one basket, with the exception of LTN that has limited potential.
Another debating point. 95% of all security costs levied by BAA and the other airports are charged to the airlines, thats for the cost of the xrays, central search and perimeter posts, so surely the airlines have the right to demand that a nominated private company take over and run the xray machines for them,they practically own them anyway......watch out BAA Security Guards...this strike action could signal the end of you as entity and BAA would most probably love to outsource your jobs, so you are playing with fire. If I were you, accept the offer and get on with the job, you are being poorly advised.
Enough of my thoughts on the subject, given you enough to debate about.........

last couple of points..........both the UK DtF and Government need to step in now and get it sorted.........to date, neither have commented in public and they should have done by now......

23rd Nov 2002, 21:41
I live under the egnm flightpath and i sure would like to see some diferent sights ..... so send some to leeds:)

Red Four
23rd Nov 2002, 23:01
Latest BAA 'spin' on this page:-

23rd Nov 2002, 23:20
Good point about the security costs etc. In a similar vein, should
we sue the FBU if there is fire damage etc to one's home/business which can't be covered by the military when a non-striking fire station could have dealt with it? They are worth
a pay rise but not 40%. What they get now is because that's
what their union pegged them to after the 1977 strike. What has
the FBU been doing for the last 25 years?
Anyway. I digress.
Out of Trim,
If STN is closed then I can't see how LHR and LGW can be open.
Same strike covering ALL BAA airports.
The military are still on the streets on 28 Nov so definately cannot
cover airports.

Any guys out there know where you'll be sending your aircraft?
Have heard that Go (Easy in disguise) have been booking slots/space at LTN. Anybody operating to Cambridge instead of

24th Nov 2002, 07:19
Silly plan laddie. Military already stretched to the limit.
Id love to see you go into a burning house or plane and see you do the pros job.
Grow up laddie.:cool:

24th Nov 2002, 10:22
Some airlines operating through LGW have already advised ACL that they intend to fly through non-BAA airports on strike days....

Out Of Trim
24th Nov 2002, 15:40
raf 4

If STN is closed then I can't see how LHR and LGW can be open.

I believe the reasoning is; that not all BAA Security and BAA Fireman at STN are in the TGWU. So, those not on strike could be used to back up those similarly not on strike at LHR and LGW..

24th Nov 2002, 16:24
Just heard that the initial BAA strikes have been suspended.

More info on BBC :