View Full Version : Fifth Time Lucky!

27th Jul 2001, 15:00
Extracted from BBC reports:

"A family had to board five planes before finding one fit to fly them to Paris. The family from Leicestershire spent 1,350 on the three-day holiday to Disneyland.

The aircraft were withdrawn because of technical faults. One of them had to turn back in mid-air.

The family arrived at East Midlands Airport for a 0645BST BMI British Midland flight to Paris.

They boarded the plane but had to disembark when a technical fault was discovered.

The passengers all boarded a second flight which also suffered technical problems and was withdrawn.

The third time passengers boarded a plane it did depart for Paris. During the flight, an indication light came on the flight deck and the captain returned to East Midlands Airport.

Mrs Woodward and Mrs Hales and the children were then sent in a taxi to Birmingham airport to travel with Air France.

The first Air France plane they boarded there was also withdrawn because of a fault.

The family finally made it to Paris on a second Air France plane - nine hours late.

Mrs Hales said: "It was the first time my twin daughters, who are four years old, had travelled abroad.

"Every time we got off one of the planes still in England they asked me if we were there yet."